Cygnett Lavish Earth and Glam folio cases for the new iPad review

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Provides: Protection and display for new iPad
Developer: Cygnett
Minimum Requirements: New iPad
Price: $59.99
Availability: Now

Now that we’re on the third iteration of Apple’s iPad, we’re definitely starting to see similarities in the accessories. This is fine, because designers and manufacturers have settled on what works. It’s unfortunate, because a sense of adventure is lacking in the designs.

Folio cases are a good example of this. What can you do with them, other than add a stand feature and build in Smart Cover functionality? Cygnett has done both with their Lavish Earth and High-Gloss Glam folio cases, and they’re content to let the designs and materials do the selling. It’s not a bad strategy, because they have some quality products here.

Cygnett Lavish Earth iPad Folio

Both the Lavish Earth (pictured above, but currently available in black and sandstone only) and the High Gloss Glam (Red and Rock (silver)) function the same way. You slip your iPad under a leather frame, then hold it in place with a flap you tuck underneath. A cover flips over your iPad’s screen and clasps shut via magnets. My early review units weren’t compatible with the new iPad’s sleep/wake function, but the release models are (if you ended up with one that doesn’t support sleep/wake functionality, our PR contact assures us Cygnett will credit or replace the product at their expense).

The screen cover also serves as a base for iPad display, with three leather strips along the inside to hold the iPad up at various viewing angles.

Cygnett High Gloss Glam iPad Folio

That’s it for functionality, but it’s all you really need. So, we turn to construction, which is where Cygnett seems to have placed their focus. Both the shiny, smooth leather of the Glam and the soft, textured leather of the Lavish Earth are quite durable and easy to grip. Using both for a couple of weeks of consistent wear and tear (transportation and use), they were relatively scuff free and the stitching held up fine. The Glam required buffing every now and again to hide fingerprints and light scratches, but that’s the price you pay for high gloss.

I was also pleased with the fit, which isn’t always the case with leather folios. The new iPad sat snugly in the frame, and it never seemed out of alignment. And although the leather frame does rise a bit high above the screen, it’s pulled back far enough that it doesn’t interfere with your ability to swipe or type all the way to the edge of the iPad screen.

My only real complaint about either model is that the hard edges extend out a bit too far beyond the iPad, so carrying them feels more like carrying a book. That may be part of the appeal for some, but I prefer for my iPad experience to be just that…and iPad experience. They could also stand to be about $10 cheaper, but you won’t regret the purchase at $60.

So, if you prefer folio protection for your new iPad, take a look at Cygnett. The Lavish Earth models work great for those seeking a professional appearance, while the High-Gloss Glam Red or Rock will appeal to those looking to make a splash. Either way, you’ll have a well-made case that’ll do a great job of keeping your iPad protected.

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Cygnett New iPad Folio Case review

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