Rumored iTunes 11, iCloud and iOS 6 updates

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Apple's iTunes 11

New and exciting rumors have started to emerge about Apple’s plans for  iTunes 11 and the iOS 6 for iOS devices.

iTunes 11

According to several sources for TechCrunch, Apple will be introducing iTunes 11 with a new user-interface elements, and will also have Spotify-like functionality.

iTunes 11

At this point in time, its still uncertain what new features Apple could be hiding in iTunes 11. MacRumors suggests that this new update will be a simple iOS-6-compatiblity release, and nothing more.


With regards to Apple’s iCloud, the WSJ reports that Apple will be unveiling new services to the cloud focusing on the social media aspect of storing and sharing photo images. Citing inside sources, the WSJ explains that Apple’s new iCloud service will allow images and photos to be shared, while also giving the ability for users to post comments alongside the images.

The services are rumored to tie into Apple’s “Photo Stream” service which already allows users to store images. In addition, mac and iOS users could also be given the opportunity to sync videos to iCloud.

iOS 6

Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 (codenamed “Sundance”) will likely see a replacement of Google’s maps with Apple’s own internal mapping system. Users can also expect Apple to launch new API to Siri that gives third-party app developers the tools to incorporate Siri’s functionality into their apps. There seems to be some certainty on what Apple will allow developers to do with those API, but it’s a welcome addition to see Apple expand the capabilities of Siri by allowing developers to interact with Siri at some level.

Other rumors hint at possible hardware upgrades to the MacBook Pro, which will be dramatically revamped according to many blogger’s predictions. With WWDC 2012 just a few weeks away, it won’t be too long to see what Apple will be unveiling at the event.

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