Moods color correction software for OS X review

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Provides: Color Correction
Manufacturer: Yanobox
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.3, FxFactory 3.0, Compatible with Final Cut Express 4, Final Cut Pro 6-7, Final Cut Pro X, Motion 3-4, and Adobe After Effects 8-10.5
Review Computer: 2.2GHz 13″ Macbook Pro, Final Cut Pro 6
Price: $49 (free 15 day trial available)
Availability: Out now

Yanobox made a great decision in choosing to name this plugin “Moods.” Altering the color of a shot can drastically alter the mood, turning a sunny walk in the forest into a spooky, threatening hunt through the wilderness, or taking a rather blah picnic and saturating the shot so that it looks like it’s taking place in a dreamland. One of the more subtle uses is color correction, or course, altering skin tones and shadows, giving footage a depth of color that makes it look like it was shot on film rather than digital.

Yanobox Moods

Moods is a great plug-in for color correction, especially if you’re new to the idea. It comes with 37 presets that you can drop into your footage, and since the presets are grouped by color (Blue 1-7, Brown 1-5, etc.) you can see how subtle changes can affect a shot. Even better, Moods uses a graphic overlay of six circles to represent the changes made to Saturation, Gamma, Shadows, Middle Tones, Highlights, and Wash, making it easy to compare what’s being altered.

When you’re ready to move past the presets, they can be tweaked by changing the numerical value in the Viewer, or by clicking on the centerpoint next to the value and dragging it around in the Canvas. The video and the circles update live to show you how you’re changing that particular value. And there’s another useful trick on Moods’ box: a Compare value that lets you set up a before/after splitscreen in the Canvas so you can see how the original footage compares to your alterations. Plus, all of these values can be keyframed, giving you the ability to change the color and shadows fluidly throughout the same shot. And once you’ve got a look set up that you like, you can easily save it to use as a custom preset later in the project.

If you’re nervous about color correction, Yanobox Moods is a dead simple way to learn. The multitude of presets will help you learn how altering color and shadow can affect a scene, the overlays will let you see how the values compare to one another, and the drag and drop interface shows you how you’re changing the look. But despite its simple interface, it’s a pro-level set of tools to enhance video.

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Moods review

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