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Hey, you, don’t touch my foo! Touch Foo has a new game out called Swordigo and you can guess what your primary weapon will be. All the elements of the adventure platform are here; your master died, leaving you to take up the defense of the world. There are sub-quests you need to complete, wilderness encounters, and abandoned fortresses with hidden dangers.

What is it?

Swordigo is an action adventure game that sends you on a quest to save the world. I’m not entirely sure how to do that, as I haven’t saved much past the village, but there is plenty of sword swinging, high jumping, mid-air flipping and running around to while away the time.


The graphics are a bit old school, the terrain is a bit simplistic, and the epic background music is not very epic…but that doesn’t mean Swordigo isn’t fun. While some of the elements may be a bit campy, the overall play is well constructed.

How does it work?

The controls are straightforward and well labeled, with buttons for going left, going right, jumping, attacking, and firing magic bolts. The attack button doubles as the “pick it up” button when there is, for example, a box you need to carry. The icon will change from a sword to a hand to indicate the change in function.

If you hear your dad reminding you to trim the weeds, take it to heart in this game. Some of the tufts of weeds are creatures hiding underground; other tufts may be hiding “soul shards” which are released when you give them a whack with your sword. Collect the soul shards to buy upgrades in the town store. Another kind of item to collect along the way is hearts. These are like first aid packs for improve your health. If you are at full health, you just get points.


Back to the swordplay for a moment; your character will advance ever so slightly when you start swinging your sword, so make sure you aren’t too close to an adversary or you may advance right into some unpleasantness and take damage.

On the helpful side, the game menu provides access to details regarding what weapon(s) you have and where you are in the world, and even includes a journal of events and quests you need to complete. If you forgot what you are seeking, just check the journal and you can get back on track.


Too bad the game doesn’t have some hints to guide you to some of the locked objects—it is trial and error combined with thorough exploration, but you have time, so have a look around.

Is it contagious?

In short: yes. Who doesn’t like to be a hero on a quest to save the world? As you advance, the obstacles get more intricate and more difficult, but the basic options are simple enough to keep you trying until your eyes get tired. The graphics are not highly sophisticated, but the atmosphere is well done, especially in the underground areas.

The only downside is you can’t zoom out and take a look at where the ground isn’t. Don’t worry…when you fall to your death, all you lose is a heart from your health level.

So, have a heart, and go save the world.

Category: Game
Developer: Touch Foo
Cost: $1.99 (Universal app)
Download: Swordigo

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