Logitech announces Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

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Logitech has announced their newest Bluetooth keyboard accessory for the new iPad. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover has an elegant quality to it with a black, piano-like finish. It connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, and will give you the ability to type quickly and easily. In addition, the keyboard includes a set of dedicated keys for functions such as copy, paste and undo.

The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover also features the familiar smart cover functionality; using the iPad’s magnets, it will clip securely to the case when closed. This provides a sense of security when it comes to protecting your precious iPad, while transforming into a (sorta) ultrabook-looking device.

And as expected, the magnetic cover also provides the sleep/wake functionality found with Apple’s Smart Cover.

And finally, the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover will be compatible with the new iPad and iPad 2, and will deliver six-months of battery life based on two hours of daily usage. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover will be available soon, and is available now for preorder at $99.99 with a free shipping option.

Product [Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover]

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