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Bug Princess 2 takes you on a scenic flight over picturesque forests, stunning ocean vistas and possibly several other perfectly nice landscapes, but it is difficult to tell when almost everything that moves is trying to shoot you out of the sky. Welcome to another version of non-stop shooting.

What is it?

Bug Princess 2Bug Princess 2 is a “bullet hell” game. The action has four level settings (starting at novice) to let you get warmed up. You can also choose your character and mount (Reco & Kiniro or Palm & Hirow).

The object of the game is to survive and destroy all of the monsters/bugs. There are enemies ranging in appearance from ladybugs with ‘tude to a T-Rex looking monster and a squid thing that reminds me a bit of my old buddy Cthulu.

How does it work?

Controlling the game play is simple; just drag your finger around and your bug will fly the same pattern.

The menu has some of the standard game settings for where to put your buttons, sound effects volume, etc. There is also an option to set the game screen size and a toggle for the game limiter.

Bug Princess 2

There is a button on the screen to turn the “fire” off, but there seems to be little point to it—you have limitless ammo. There is a “bomb” button that acts a bit like a grenade, but it also takes out enemy fire. Hit the Laser/Shot toggle to either concentrate your firepower or send your fire out in a fan pattern. The shot (fan pattern) is handy for keeping fire on your target even when you have to dodge incoming fire.

The game is also set up to share on Open Feint and Game Center, so you can share your scores. The game even provides a little taunting (not unlike certain French knights…), letting you know that another player has achieved a certain milestone, then asking you if you are “going to stand for that?” Personally, I usually sit down for that.

Along with four levels of difficulty, there are three modes which control how many “bullets” are in play.

Is it contagious?

Bug Princess 2 is not my idea of contagious (especially considering the $6.99 price tag), but if you like the constant fire shooting gallery type games, it’s perfectly fine. The imagery is cool and the controls are dirt simple. A couple of points on the down side are you need to adjust your finger position carefully or your character will be out of view under your finger, and the menu selection sound effect is a bit annoying (especially when repeated a few times).

Again, this game isn’t exactly my flavor and it is a bit generic as shooter games go, but if you like this style, you should find it enjoyable.

Category: Game
Developer: CAVE Interactive CO., LTD.
Cost: $6.99
Download: Bug Princess 2

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  • Rocco J Carello

    “There is a button on the screen to turn the “fire” off, but there seems to be little point to it—you have limitless ammo.”

    You clearly did not bother to familiarize yourself with the game and it’s rules. The ability to stop shooting allows you greater control over when and where you destroy enemies, and this is relevant for scoring.

    “Along with four levels of difficulty, there are three modes which control how many “bullets” are in play.”

    From Hell downward, the difficulty levels thin out the original arcade game’s bullet patterns, and should be considered the primary way to adjust bullet count. The three modes also have increasing numbers of bullets, but are further distinguished by changes to the scoring rules, new bullet patterns, new boss attacks, and new bosses.

    Ultimately, I do not think you are qualified to be writing about this game. I realize this publication may not have the luxury of assigning every game to a staff member who likes or understands the genre they are writing about, but I would expect said writers to at least learn the game rules and provide factual information.

    Your effort here shows that you do not care about the subject or the quality of your work. A quick Google search would produce plenty of well written reviews (for other releases of the game) that you could have checked facts against.

    For example, this:

    or this:

    Anything worth doing is worth doing well.