Shazam updated to support iPad Retina display

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The Shazam iOS app became a sensation for many mobile audiophiles due to its ability to be a music recognition app. The application uses an algorithm allowing users to figure out the name of a song being played on the radio and other sources. And although it’s been available for as long as iOS devices themselves, the app has never been optimized for the larger display of the iPad…until now.

Shazam has been updated to v2.7 with added support for the iPad and its Retina graphics. The whole interface has been rebuilt with the ability to take advantage of the iPad’s larger-sized display. Now iPad users can not only queue tracks and create playlists on Shazam, but also utilize Shazam’s new lyric service, LyricPlay.

When iOS users hit play on a specific track on their iDevices, if “LyricPlay” recognizes it, the app automatically shows lyrics of that specific song on the screen (above image). Besides having the ability to sing the lyrics to your favorite tunes, the app can even send those lyrics to an Apple TV over AirPlay, acting as your own personal karaoke machine.

The Shazam app even makes it easy for users to share content on many popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

This new app is now available for download on the Apple App Store. And the best part of all? It’s free.

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