New Flashback trojan variant emerges: Flashback.S

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FlashbackAfter all of the media attention it has received, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Flashback trojan that’s been infecting Macs around the world through a Java exploit. While Apple has recently patched that exploit, putting an end to the trojan’s ability to infect users that have installed the patch, a number of users still haven’t done that.

For those users, there’s a new Flashback variant out there to be worried about, called “Flashback.S” which takes advantage of the same Java exploit that all other Flashback variants rely on to infect its victims. For the sake of avoiding infection by this or any other Flashback variant and causing your Mac and its data potential harm and unauthorized access, do yourself a favor and install the Java update through OS X’s built in Software Update, if you haven’t already.

Via [TUAW]

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