Telltale releases trailer for The Walking Dead game

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Telltale has released a trailer for The Walking Dead video game. While it’s suspiciously light on gameplay, it does establish the characters, including the protagonist, a convict who’s given a second chance when the police cruiser in which he’s being transported collides with a zombie. He’s free, but finds himself in a world where the dead walk the earth, and maybe being able to bury an axe in another person isn’t a bad skill to have.

Since it’s coming from Telltale, best known for puzzlers like Back to the Future, the new Monkey Island, and Badge of Carnage, it’s a good bet that The Walking Dead will rely more on finding ways out of locked room and making tough decisions, and less on the third person combat of most zombie games.

It’s worth noting that if you preorder the The Walking Dead for Mac or PC you could win a cameo in the game. The grand prize winner gets a cameo as a human who gets killed, then comes back as a zombie and gets killed again.

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