Sprint says it will offer its unlimited data plan on future iPhones

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Ever since mobile carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless began to eliminate their unlimited data plan offerings to new iPhone customers, many wondered if Sprint would follow suit and axe their “all-you-can-eat” data plans. Sprint remains one of the few carriers left in the US that is still offers unlimited data plans to all of its customers. And according to a statement from the company, it will continue to offer their unlimited data plans for devices that support the newer and faster 4G LTE network. Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint, stated that the unlimited data plans will stay intact even if the next iPhone supports the 4G LTE network.

Cnet reports:

If the next iteration of the iPhone arrives with LTE, Sprint will continue to offer a no-strings unlimited plan, CEO Dan Hesse told CNET. The company is already sticking with unlimited for its first batch of LTE phones, but it was unclear whether the offer would apply to next iPhone.

“I’m not anticipating the unlimited plan would change by that point,” he said. “That’s our distinctive differentiator.” [..]

While Dan Hesse spoke of a possible iPhone having 4G capability, he clearly stated he doesn’t have any idea when it will be released, or if it ever will have 4G LTE support. Hesse did say an iPhone either with 3G or 4G network support along with unlimited data plan is “a marriage made in heaven.”

Sprint’s major differentiator among its competitors is the carrier’s unlimited data plans. Even thought strong rumors hint towards 4G LTE speed in the next iPhone udpate, Sprint could have the advantage to attract a larger number of new subscribers into their network if the carrier manages to offer its unlimited plan.

Sprint reported big numbers, stating that of 1.5 million iPhones sold on that specific carrier, at least 44% of those customers joining Sprint were new customers. And if they continue to offer its unlimited plans it could certainly help draw more customers whenever Apple decides to launch its iPhone 5 with 4G LTE.

Via [Cnet news]

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