Free Apps Roundup for April 27, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: It finally happened; someone coded a game for iPad on an iPad. It’s called Cargo Bot and it looks a lot better than you might expect. Or maybe you’d rather be a raccoon running away from just about anything. Better yet, get behind the wheel of a police car and catch the felons! And as always, there’s a ton more.

The Top Three:

  • Cargo Bot – It’s more than just a cool looking game. Cargo Bot is the first game to be coded completely on iOS devices. That’s right, this app was coded on an iPad using Codea. Why? Because they can! It’s an interesting puzzle game about programming. What’s possibly even cooler than the game itself is that you could do something very similar on your own using Codea. Just think about that while your solving some crate-based puzzles.
  • Aby Escape – So here’s the deal, you’re a raccoon named Aby. Not only are you clumsy, you’re also the unluckiest of the raccoons. You’ve been hunted, chased by the police and even bikers. Why? Don’t ask questions. You’ll be running, dodging and collecting coins to stay alive. There are numerous modes, levels and all that good stuff.
  • Smash Cops – This one is free for a limited time, so read quickly. This game puts you behind the wheel of a police car. Drive around a huge, beautifully rendered 3D city in search of felons in this top down pursuit-style driving game. It’s like Spy Hunter, only different. Now go download it. K?


Free for a limited time:

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