Bring window management to your jailbroken iPad with Quasar

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If one of the reasons you’ve jailbroken your iPad is to make it feel more like a personal computer than a tablet, then you’re going to love Pedro Franceschi‘s new tweak by the name of Quasar. Quasar adds window management—a feature that you know from any desktop OS—to the iPad so it runs applications in windows rather than full-screen as it normally does by default. From there, users can multitask without having to use the App Switcher or any other alternative, toggle full-screen mode, and even adjust and resize windows to their liking.

Another cool feature that Quasar adds to your iPad is the ability to run apps developed for the iPhone/iPod touch at their original, native size. The apps can be run without any quality loss due to unnecessary stretching, right alongside iPad or other iPhone/iPod touch apps. While Quasar could technically be developed to support the iPhone and iPod touch as well, it wouldn’t be very practical due to the iDevices’ screen size and the amount of memory and processing resources required to run this tweak.

Franceschi has revealed that the built-in App Switcher is heavily integrated into Quasar and its functionality. Therefore, closing apps leaves them running in the background and whatever a user does in the App Switcher (such as killing an app) effects any windows that they have open. Also integrated into Franceschi’s tweak is the App Store, Safari, and the YouTube app, which all open links in new windows with Quasar installed rather than in full screen.

A demonstration of Quasar in action is available below. You can find Quasar on the Cydia Store for $9.99 via the BigBoss repository.

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