Clean your jailbroken iDevice of unneeded files with iCleaner

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iCleanerA lot of us don’t realize just how much junk builds up within iOS over time, from caches to crash reports, that take up unnecessary space and even slow down an iDevice’s performance. A benefit that comes with jailbreaking your iDevice is the ability to clean up this junk, and iCleaner is a great free tool that does just that.

iCleaner by Exile.90 is a new, free app available in Cydia that will scan your iDevice and then remove the following at a user’s discretion:

  • Safari cookies, browsing history, cache files
  • Application WebClip caches, cookies, temporary files, snapshots, in-depth application file cleanup (useful/important information isn’t touched)
  • Log files and crash reports
  • System cache files and databases
  • System temporary files

You can use iCleaner either through the more user-friendly application that is installed on your SpringBoard, or you can even opt to use it through Terminal (also available for free in Cydia) by running the command “iCleaner” as a root user. Once the cleaning is complete, you’ll likely notice a lot more free space along with a performance boost, while all apps will function exactly as they did before the cleaning, as only unnecessary files are deleted. iCleaner makes a very useful tool for occasional use, and as a free app, there’s no reason you shouldn’t fire up Cydia and install it.

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