Play animated GIFs from the Camera Roll on your jailbroken iDevice with Giffy

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Camera RollAn unfortunate limitation of the iOS Camera Roll is that it is unable to show animated .gif image files that you may have saved from your web browser or elsewhere. Thankfully, for those of us who have jailbroken, a new tweak called Giffy by IanP changes that, enabling the ability to view animated GIFs right within your Camera Roll.

Another great thing about Giffy is that it allows you to view animated GIFs in apps with image selectors such as the Messages app, so that you are always able to view the images in their animated form, as they were intended to be. Giffy supports all .gif files no matter where they come from and how they got into your Camera Roll, and the tweak itself is integrated right into iOS for a native experience.

Giffy is decently priced at only $0.99 on the Cydia Store. While not the most extensive or useful tweak, it does come in handy when you have a lot of animated .GIFs that you’d like to view without having to load them in Safari.

Giffy is available for download right now via the BigBoss repository.

Via [ModMyi]

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  • sgvdgh

    While it sounds good, it only works about 40% of the time.

    If you open an image in Camera Roll, it’ll either animate or not, seemingly determined at random.

    If it always worked, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

    But it doesn’t.