Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors now available

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Ivy BridgeIntel’s new Ivy Bridge processors are now available for purchase from many major retailers, some even already offering discounts (Amazon is selling them for a shocking $50 off). Along with the new Ivy Bridge line, Intel has also released some new optimized Intel Z77 motherboards. While this is great news for PC owners, Mac users will have to wait until Apple implements the chips into future Mac models before they can take advantage of what the chips have to offer.

Those into the whole “hackintosh” concept are technically able to build one using Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chips, but they won’t be able to run OS X on them without installing a kernel patch, which is currently only available for OS X 10.7.3. This obviously isn’t as desirable as using the chip on a hackintosh running OS X with an official “vanilla” kernel, but at least it’s something for now.

The rest of us will have to wait a bit longer, although it shouldn’t be too long now as quite a few recent rumors have hinted at a refresh of almost every Mac model. When those refreshed models finally come, we can be almost certain they’ll have Ivy Bridge chips in them.

Via [9to5 Mac]

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