Panes app gives new meaning to multitasking on the iPad

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A new application in the App store could generate a lot of excitement amongst iOS users for its ability to multitask on the iPad. The creators of this new app—Inglorious Apps, Inc.—are very well-known in the webOS community, having built apps for the abandoned HP WebOS ecosystem, and they’re now porting their apps to iOS devices. It’s called Panes, and it’s for those users who seek to maximize the productivity of their iPads while allowing them to perform multiple tasks simultaneously on a split-screen sleek interface.

Similar to the Quasar tweak for jailbroken iPads, this innovate app brings the experience of multiple windows to the iOS platform. The app comes loaded with tons of features and utilizes slideable panes to make switching between tasks easy. According to the developer, the app comes with mini-apps (also called widgets) which can help users have Facebook and Twitter side by side or use their web browser without having to close any apps.

The developer video below gives users the ability to get a glimpse of the capabilities of the app.

Panes is now available for download from the App Store at a price of $2.99.

Product [Panes]

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