Logitech announces New Solar Keyboard Folio Case for iPad

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Logitech new Solar Keyboard Case

Logitech has unveiled a new portable Bluetooth-keyboard case for the iPad, which they’re naming simply the New Solar Keyboard Folio Case. As the name of this product suggests, the keyboard case gets its power via integrated solar panels that charge the battery with any source of light, indoors and outdoors. The case comes in black, and has perforations for the iPad speakers and a portal for the camera.

Logitech new Solar Keyboard Case

According to Logitech, this Folio case has two stand positions so users can easily adjust it to viewing angles for typing or watching movies on the go. And with its clever design, it also comes with an automatic ON/OFF option so the iPad wakes automatically when opening or sleeps when closing the folio case. Also the keyboard appears to have an amazing battery life with the capacity to run a total two years after a full charge based on two hours of daily use.

Logitech is launching the new keyboard case this month in the United States, and it will start at the price of $129.99. Pre-orders are now being accepted at Logitech’s website.

Product: [Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio]

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  • jonathan

    good idea! i dont think itll be enough to charge an ipad unless you live in a desert though :(