[Rumor] Apple adding multi-user support on the iPad

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Although it’s the best selling tablet device on the market, the iPad still lacks a feature the average buyer would like to have: a multiple-user support. With the ability to create multiple users accounts, iPad owners could more easily share their iPad amongst family members while keeping their own data private from any prying eyes.

The iPad doesn’t natively support such feature, but, according to a new rumor, that may change in a future update. Appleinsider, is reporting that Apple has realized the demand from the consumers to have multiple-user accounts on the iPad, and they’re currently investigating this very same issue.

A developer submitted this issue through Apple’s bug reports system, and the Apple Developer Connection’s Worldwide Developer Relations team responded:

In the suggestion submitted to Apple, the developer simply requested that the company add support for multiple users to the iPad. After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering.

The developer was surprise to get such a response since many times they don’t reply at all.

Apple is said to have researched bringing this capability to the very early stages of the iPad’s development in 2010, but for one reason or another, it wasn’t brought fully to the market. We’re not sure if the question at this point is “when” or “if” we’ll see multi-user support, but it’s something we’ll watch.

Via [Appleinsider]

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