Appidemic: Z! Checkers for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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Warm up your cricket bat—the zombies are back! The good news is this time they only want to play checkers.

What is it?

In Z! Checkers, the black and white marble checkerboard is home to either: 1) you versus the computer or 2) you versus another human (unless he’s been bitten by a zombie, and we all know what happens then). If you opt for another human player, you have another set of options: 1) two players on one iDevice or 2) use Bluetooth to play between two devices (because “everything’s better with Bluetooth”). The game board and pieces are rendered for a 3D appearance.

Z! Checkers

On the iPhone / iPod Touch the squares are a bit small, but selecting the exact piece you want isn’t too difficult.

How does it work?

Tap your zombie, then double tap the square you want him to move onto. If you have a multiple jump you can take, tap the zombie, then single tap the landing squares, in order, and double tap the last landing square to execute the move. When you tap your zombie the square will highlight blue and the square you tap to move to will highlight yellow.

I can remember playing checkers with my grandfather, and he always beat me resoundingly. He used a rule that this game does; if you have a jump, you must take it. Z! Checkers will let you ignore a jump in favor of another move. This can work either way for you. My grandfather was expert at “letting” me have one, then taking two or three of mine.

Z! Checkers

You have the option to set your pieces as regular zombies, really ugly zombies, tank/crawler machines, etc. There are the ever present color upgrades you can purchase with points you win in the game or you can use real money to purchase points to customize the look of the game.

Z! Checkers

Once you settle on what variety of zombie you want to be, the game starts when the computer randomly picks who goes first. I think it’s random, but the CPU went first most of the time.

Is it contagious?

The game is just checkers, but the zombie twist is cool. The game is not very difficult for adults to beat even on the “hard” setting, so two multiplayer may be a more challenging option.

If you need a game to pass the time, Z! Checkers is OK, even if the zombies all sway in the same direction. The uniform swaying reminds me of country line dancing…take your partner by the hand (and hope it doesn’t fall off). The zombies aren’t too gross, so this may be a good option for the kids to get into a non-boring version of good ol’ checkers.

Category: Game
Developer: Nevonix
Cost: $0.99
Download: Z! Checkers

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