Spoilt for choice? Filter your iTunes music

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The Filter

If you’re a music lover (like myself), it’s safe to say your iTunes library is overflowing with music. Sure you can buy an 80GB iPod to take your sounds with you, but what if your library’s bigger than 80GB? And then there’s video. All of a sudden, it makes even Apple’s biggest iPod look puny. Well, The Filter is here to help.

This great freeware utility helps you create manageable playlists from your humongous library. Just pick a couple of tracks that suit your mood and it handles the rest. Not only does it recommend music from your own library, it also analyzes your taste to find new music that you’ll enjoy. Be warned though; it only works well with 500 songs or more.

Then again, if you had less than 500 songs, you probably don’t have much use for it.

Product Page [The Filter]

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