Coda 2 and Diet Coda to be released on May 24th

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Coda 2 + Diet CodaCoda, one of the most popular premium coding apps for OS X, will finally be seeing v2.0—five years after its initial release—on the 24th of this month. A new mobile Coda app for the iPad will be coming out with it. Called “Diet Coda,” the iPad version of the coding software will bring most of Coda 2’s features to the tablet, including an exciting new feature called “AirPreview” that pushes changes made in Coda 2 over the air to Diet Coda instantly. Diet Coda itself will be $9.99 when it comes out on the App Store on May 24th.

Coda 2, on the other hand, is an incredibly major step up from the original Coda, with a plethora of new features listed on developer Panic’s web site. A few of them include an improved editor and user interface, a complete file browser, iCloud support, a MySQL editor, live code hints, and many others.

As for the cost, customers who bought a license for Coda after April 10th are entitled to a free upgrade provided you purchased the license directly from them and not through the Mac App Store. Otherwise, Coda 2 will be 50% off at only $49 USD at launch for a limited time, and then will go up to $75 USD for a little bit before finally reaching its full price at $99. When that happens, Panic will still offer a $75 upgrade price for owners of an original Coda license.

Via [TUAW]

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