Waterfield Designs’ The Indy bag for iPad review

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Provides: iPad protection and transportation
Developer: Waterfield Designs
Minimum Requirements: iPad
Price: $179
Availability: Preorder now for delivery by June 15th

The iPad sits in this odd place between portable gadgets and laptops. It’s too big to carry around loosely, but most laptop bags, cases and backpacks are too large for it, adding bulk that you likely won’t be using regularly. Waterfield Designs has addressed this issue with an appropriately sized bag called the Indy, which offers full protection and portability without weighing you down.

Waterfield Designs The Indy iPad bag

The Indy is an over-the-should bag that I’ll guess gets it’s name from the distressed leather manufacturing that looks like it would be comfortable carrying a crystal skull, the Holy Grail, or a couple Sankara stones. The leather is accented by a strip of color of your choice—black, copper, flame, green, pearl and pine, which happen to be the exact colors of other Waterfield products such as the iPad Smart Case, which the Indy accommodates.

The color strip accents an open pocket on one side of the bag, while the other side contains a zippered pocket. Neither open up very far, but will be able to hold magazines, your iPhone, adapters, etc. The Indy isn’t aimed at people going on business trips or carrying books to class, after all, it’s more of a…well, a man-bag, I guess. I found the set-up perfect for taking my iPad, documents, etc. to work (on days when I didn’t pack a lunch, of course).

Waterfield Designs The Indy iPad bag

I would like to see some smaller containers stitched into the interior of one of the side pockets (sized for an iPhone, pens, etc.) so not everything inside has to sit loosely, but that’s not a deal breaker.

Although I used the Indy in conjunction with the iPad Smart Case (for the original iPad, which now perfectly fits the new iPad with a Smart Cover), additional protection isn’t necessary due to the soft, UltraSuede® interior of the case. There’s a little bit too much room in the main compartment without an additional sleeve, but your iPad will be safe nonetheless. The main compartment has a second area split into two sections which I found useful for headphones, keys, and pretty much anything else you don’t want bulging out the sides.

Waterfield Designs The Indy iPad bag

The only fault I can find with the Indy is the shoulder strap, which has no padding. This makes the strap uncomfortable if you manage to weigh down the case. It’s more likely, however, that it’ll just result in the bag sliding around on your shoulder because there’s nothing there to hold it in place.

Is the whole package worth $180? If you own or have ever used a Waterfield bag, you know why the asking price is fair. They make incredibly durable products from quality materials that offer solid protection. Whether you go with the black or grizzly brown leather models with matte black or nickel shoulder strap clasps, it’s going to look sharp and masculine.

On days when you don’t need your iPad, I suppose you can use it to carry your bullwhip.

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The Indy iPad bag review

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