[Reports] Microsoft Office for iPad may come on November 10th

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Rumors of a Microsoft Office app for iOS have been around for a while now, but a new report at The Daily is giving us a more accurate release date. Matt Hickey has written that various Microsoft teams are working to bring applications to the iOS platform. Development work on Office for iPad is now complete, and the app is now in the hands of the usability team.

The Daily reported back in February that they had a hands-on demo with a prototype of the app. According to them, the Office for iPad user interface will bear resemblance to the current Microsoft’s OneNote iPad app, and will allow iOS users to view, create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Once the Microsoft development teams are done with the finishing touches, the app will be submitted to Apple for approval, and the sources say it may launch by November 10th.

In addition to its iOS effort, its rumored that Microsoft might also be working to bring the same version of their Office Suite app to the Android tablets in the same timeframe as the iOS release.

Via [The Daily]

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  • Lou Valencia

    That was a great idea 3 years ago. I don’t think anyone cares now. About 95% of the people needing Office apps on their iPhone or iPad already have ones they like. iWork has a great offering and they’re Office-compatible.

  • Deborah Curran


  • BAP

    Only really useful if you can also use macros, which Apple is unlikely to allow.

    o/w only allows use of buggy proprietary stuff

    will likely only work well with docx and forward like the current OSX version, which crashes on Word 2004 doc files and can’t read files from before 2001