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Elven Legacy Collection comprises the initial Elven Legacy turn-based strategy game (think Heroes of Might and Magic) and its three expansion packs: Elven Legacy: Ranger, Elven Legacy: Siege and Elven Legacy: Magic. For $29.99, then, you get over 65 campaign missions and countless units, spells, heroes, artifacts and more.

Elven Legacy Collection

What is it?

Elven Legacy is a game that falls into the often misunderstood turn-based strategy game genre. Players who don’t know and love its conventions can easily be frustrated by them and turn the game off before ever getting to know it. If all you want is a quick one shot gaming experience, you will have to look elsewhere for your fix, as Elven Legacy is a game you are going to have to spend some time courting if you want to fall in love with it.

Elven Legacy Collection

That being said, once you fall, you fall hard. And like all good loves, you won’t be satisfied until you reach the end.

How does it work?

Sadly, getting to know this game can be a little bit difficult. Instructions on how to use the game’s entirely mouse-based controls are basically nonexistent, so you’ll have to fiddle with it for awhile to figure out movement and combat controls. The lack of any discernible keyboard controls is also a disappointing, but not insurmountable task; it simply requires a bit of patience in order to get to know it.

Elven Legacy Collection

The graphics are nice on newer Macs, but if you have an older system you could find yourself with an array of amusing problems. For example, on 2006 Macbook the game flashes in an interesting pair of tones, one in which the colors are an eye aching neon and the other so deep that the game almost looks sepia.  Since it flashes about every five seconds, it can be very annoying. Users with older machines want to say away.  You can’t skirt the system requirements here, folks.

Sound quality is decent, although the game is not giving you any real information.

Is it contagious?

On the whole, with a little bit of patience and some dedication this game can be surprisingly addictive.

Category: Games
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Cost: $4.99
Download: Elven Legacy

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