Unconfirmed: AirPort issues with Mac OS X 10.4.10

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Appletell has found that Airport problems seem to be creeping up in a number of MacBooks. The threads on Apple’s discussion forums all point to the latest Mac OS X 10.4.10 update. Currently, there are several symptoms that have been reported; these range from dropped connections to kernel panics.

Unfortunately, it is hard to measure these sorts of issues because the numbers are usually skewed (only those who are actively experiencing the problem will report it). In the past, Mac OS X 10.4.10 has also faced similar difficulties with the audio sub-system, causing the speakers on Intel Macs to make random “pops” and “snaps”.

There’s been no official word or updates from Apple with regards to this issue.

Via [Apple Discussions]

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  • cogsdawgs

    This is happening to my macbook pro and macbook. Please fix this Apple!

  • Spencer

    My ibook g4 does it. It sucks

  • Walt Stoneburner

    I'm having similar issues, and have been digging into some of the side behaviors that might be causing it to happen.

  • Jim Mitrovgenis

    yep, i get kernel panics when running on battery power and connecting to an encrypted network. fairly consistant crashes in just a few minutes. it's got to be the airport driver.

  • Named

    Apple's never crash. This article stub and the associate comments are being forwarded to Apple HQ to recommend re-education for all.

  • Joe

    Have you seen this in the log file too?

    mDNSResponder: SetupAddr invalid sa_family 0
    mDNSResponder: getifaddrs ifa_netmask for fw0(7) Flags 8863 Family 2 has different family: 0
    mDNSResponder: Repeated transitions for interface en1

  • Jeremy Jones

    I have a MacBook Pro and a MacBook and both are having the issue. It usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and is very random. The quickest way I found to fix it is turn off airport then back on. The connection comes back faster, at least in my setup.

  • Grant Blakeman

    My MacBook Pro is doing this too – just randomly drops the network a few times a day. It's done it since I got it a couple months ago (pre 10.4.10), but it seems to be happening more frequently lately and I know my roommate is having the same issue with his MacBook now.

  • Josh Biggs

    This is definately the case. I installed it and had issues with Panics and WIFI dropping and reinstalled the OS to 10.4 and it worked fine. Then I updated to 10.4.10 when I got my iPhone and the problems came back. WIFI is unavailable even though my iPhone will pick up the WIFI signal.

  • ASB

    Is anyone else experiencing this with their intel-based iMac? The last few days my wi-fi is constantly dropping.

  • John Blaze

    Exactly the same problem. Good roundup of information at above url

  • Marc Robichaud

    Issues with Wi-Fi? What a shock.

    I have a MacBook and 10.4.4, but Wi-Fi issues are nothing new for that computer or any other.

  • PhatSteve

    Problems with MacBook pro 17". Safari just stops loading since the update. Switching Airport ON/OFF fixes the problem for a short time, but then comes back.

  • Cain

    Oh, man..and I thought it was just ME.
    I can go from having a strong signal (the wireless router is directly above me) to nothing. Randomly.

  • Brad

    I have been having this problem as well. The WiFi craps out all the time and my airport will now no longer automatically connect to my preferred network.

  • pepe

    Happenin' with my late-model MacMini since installing the update. Coincidence? Frustrating!!!

  • Jim Mitrovgenis

    I have been told personally by AppleCare that engineers are aware of the problem and are working on it, have also seen report on discussion board that an Apple exec confirmed a fix is in final stages of testing. Apple told me to revert back to 10.4.9. I did and it worked for a little over a week but eventually I got a kernel panic again related to airport on that OS as well. Apple wants to replace my logic board.

  • Alex

    Same here on MacBook Pro. Wireless dropped, attempted to ping the router, got a response — and immediately a kernel panic. Number of guys at the office have had the same issue as well, all points to the latest update.

  • RobPatton

    Oh do I hate this.

    On battery, Loss of wireless, Kernel Panic!
    Doesnt seem to happen (as much) on AC power, but on battery, I can get 6 an hour.

    MacBook Pro Core2Duo WPA2 network

  • MikeB

    same here! every symptom is the same!

    fix this!

  • t0ne

    same here, running 10.5

  • Joe

    Have you tried downgrading to 10.4.9?

  • Jim Mitrovgenis

    i downgraded to 10.4.9, it worked for about one week but then the kernel panic returned. at that point apple told me to send it back for a new board. i'm holding off, hoping the fix will come soon.

  • MuadDave

    My wifi connection wouldn't come back after closing the lid of my MBP until I opened the Internet Connection tool – it seems that after the update it needed me to answer the 'Can it use your keyring?' question. After I answered that, it's worked every time.

  • dez

    This is happening to me with my mbp. I am glad someone has addressed it.

  • Dan

    Happening here as well with my iBook G4 12" (last model produced).
    Router: DI-524 (I know, old, but it still works…) WEP network

  • Shant

    I can vouch for this
    my internets been randomly dying on me since the last update

  • Justin “J.D.” Doak

    I've got a MacBook Pro running 10.4.10 and I'm getting frequent kernel panics when generating wireless activity. The kernel panic logs indicate its the airport drivers. I reported this to apple, got connected with a Level II tech, and have yet to hear back from him.

  • Steevo

    Hmmm. I noticedthe mDNSResponder thing that someone posted. i suspect the new beta of Safari may somehow be responsible?

  • Karl

    I've had my MacBook for about a year now and I just got my battery replaced last week. Now I'm having trouble posting this as my wi-fi keeps dropping out. I'm also sitting right next to my router. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  • Bob

    I get the same on Leopard on a G4 PB. Zapping the PRAM helps, but not for very long.

  • Brian

    I started experiencing this issue right after the upgrade.

    Hey Apple: please acknowledge this problem and fix it.

  • Chanetsa

    My Mac Book Pro's fine, running 10.4.10 on or off battery…

  • Nigel Mace

    My wifi is causing my MB to have kernal panics as well. Please make an update soon to fix this!

  • JC

    I am having the same problems. Sometimes my wifi just drops out. This crazy, as I just got this MBP and it was so fast before the update. Not happy.

  • mark

    Never had the kp's but lost connectivity. I was able to temporarily fix just by tapping the airport icon and voila! For permanent fix used the fix supplied by iamnobody on this discussion

    Not one problem since!

  • gbraad

    thanks for pointing this out. It seems Apple is denying this at the moment. I have noticed that crashes do NOT occur when using the powerplug!

  • b40

    I have noticed that my internet quits too. The signal meter shows that it is connected and it shows that I am connected properly. Turning Airport on and off fixes the problem. Nothing has changed other than the new update.

  • matt

    yep! i'm getting the crap-out wifi too.

  • Christopher Haley

    I am having the same problems as listed above. Not as many kernel panics, but I just had one. :( I really hope Apple gets its act together and fixes this soon. My partner and I are both recent Apple converts, and we are both disappointed by this update fiasco.

  • Fred Moody

    Add me to the list of people who downloaded 10.4.10 and now suffer kernel panics whenever Airport is on and MacBook is running on battery power. It started happening immediately after I updated.

  • Christopher

    Unbelievable! I posted a couple of "posts" above. I called AppleCare, and the technician I spoke with (who was very nice) said he hasn't heard of this issue, and the company hasn't issued any kind of internal information for technicians to be aware of regarding this or similar issues. I am very disappointed by this. With all due respect to those who have posted workarounds to this issue that have worked for them (and some others), I believe that Apple should acknowledge and fix the issue that they caused. Also, I, who is not a computer wiz, don't want to implement some fix that someone else, in good faith, has supplied, only to potentially make matters worse or make my machine inoperable.

    Please tell me, is this the typical Apple M.O.? Apple was very good at marketing to get me to buy two computers at a total cost of $5,000, but so far I have not been impressed by the Apple "It just works…" motto.

  • Anand Rangarajan

    After updating the OS to 10.4.10, my wireless connection (802.11b) stopped working. No kernel panics yet. Upon reboots, the wireless network starts working sometimes. But shortly thereafter the signal level drops close to zero despite being in close proximity to the wireless gateway.

  • Christopher

    Can or do kernel panics caused by a software issue, such as the 10.4.10 update, result in any kind of permanent damage to the computer?

  • Thunderegg

    I am extremely frustrated to have spent $2500 on a new computer and have it crash repeatedly within the first few days. Finally, after many reboots, the hard drive failed. I got a replacement and the second one crashes several times a day too. The Applecare people told me that they were aware of the kernel panics due to Airport and I should call periodically to see if they have fixed it. He suggested I connect to the internet with a cable. What a joke!! Actually it is an outrage.

    I have never had this much trouble with my Windows laptop.

  • Christopher

    Yeah, I'm pretty upset. I convinced my partner that we should switch to Mac because it is so much more stable and worry-free than Windows (I got sucked in by Apple's slick marketing), and now my wirelss is totally f***ed up. My old Toshiba never had wireles problems. A while ago, both my MBP and my MB wouldn;t recognize our Aiport Extreme Base Station network. I am just livid. Apple has pretty much left us out to dry with this update. Apparently the problem isn't affecting a large enough cohort to justify a stepped up response to the issue, and Steve J has an iPhone up his a** right now. Very disappointing indeed. $5,000 NOT well spent!

  • Christopher

    Sorry for losing my temper. I was just feeling fed up and beaten down. :) I spent the last 2.5 hours downgrading to 10.4.9, and so far everything is working super fast. It's as if 10.4.10 was a bad dream….or was it….? 😉

  • Christopher

    I'm not saying that stupid MS is great. It isn't, and the whole Vista mess is a fiasco. I was just disappointed that right after the switch there was such a frustrating (albeit atypical) software glitch. I'm good now as long as I'm back online with 10.4.9, and I can be patient now until Apple comes out with an apporpriate patch. It's all good.

  • negs

    Problems! Skype works. Mail works. Firefox…no. http://FTP…sometimes. Adium…no.

  • me

    I have 2 MacBook Pros and 2 MacBooks that drop now all day long. Didn't happen until 10.4.10. Aiport n.

    Fixit apple

  • Silverlake

    It has something to do with the battery and with the airport. Whenever I disconnect my power cord. It will either a) freeze and crash, which ALWAYS makes my heart stop beating, or b) I will loose my internet connection AND (a) happens shortly after that! It like a freakin Windows machine…

    This sucks. When is Apple releasing an update. Or are they forcing us to buy the new OSX?!!

  • Frank White

    Grrrr…this is really getting to be too much. MBP drops every 1/2 hr. Was fine before 10.4.10

  • Chris Brown

    I have an iBook G4 and only noticed these exact problems when I switched Airport on. I started getting random Kernel Panics, Safari crashes and other weird system behaviour — including my mouse pointer freezing!

  • JLimGarfield

    so THAT's what my problem is… I'm also getting major kernel panics whenever my wifi accesses my friend's Airport

  • M K

    My MBP has not had any issues with airport drop outs.10.4.10 has been fine for me, i use an Airport Extreme router and no KP's to speak of.

  • Mswrite

    I have a new macbook pro with 10.4.9 and I've been having a horrible experience with this product. It is good to see others that can verify that it is real.

    -The retail workers where I purchased this machine tell me it is not a problem on their end, but a problem with my AT&T SBC Global DSL service and their 2wire modem. They say the technology is incompatible. –However this does not seem to be the case, since other users w/the issue are not using this modem.

    There is also a discussion going on here:

    I purchased the newest model of the 2wire, which an apple care person advised, and everything works fine as long as the macbook pro is connected to a power source…once it is unconnected the whole computer crashes. This machine did this two days after I purchased it. Let me also mention that I have exchanged this machine at least 3 times and every computer does the same thing. I am really disappointed with my apple experience.

  • Jamie

    I'm having the same problem.

  • snave

    Apple have just released a fix, available via updates

  • Karl L. Gechlik

    We saw this on 1 out of 10 macbooks purchased. It would drop its wifi connection even when it was right on top of the access point. We called into apple over and over again.

    This was happening day one right out of the box. We brought this bad boy back to the store and they exchanged it. We threatened to return all of them. That seemed to work

    Now will Apple fess up to the issue? Thats another story!

    Thanks from your friends @

  • Karl L. Gechlik

    That is what we thought at first as well. We tried on two different revisions of the driver to no avail. And why weren't we having the issue on the other 9 laptops in the batch?

    I am going to start a new post over @ later today and put together all my documentation on the issue. (Hint the only thing that solved it was replacing the machine!) None of our others have "Caught" the problem.

    Karl of http://www.askTheAdmin.Com

  • Karl

    Thanks for the information mark would you mind posting that for our readers in the comments here:

    We might just be getting some where!


  • Karl

    I cant believe this discussion is still going on! We contacted apple and they said "Keep Checking Back". We are done.

    This was also our first apple product and prob our last!

    We have a heated Pc Vs. Linux Discussion going on here why dont you guys chime in with your Apple love?

  • brenda

    this still happens for me, after all updates, all else. and it happens on a desktop that doesn't have wireless as well as my macbook pro

  • lolcow

    Having problems with apple WiFi?

    Me too, apple seems perfectly happy to let this be, ignore, and deny the problem. Fact is that they could add a button very much like "Repair this connection" to their airport icon that totally resets the wifi hardware, driver, and releated settings, but they're too busy cleaning organic soy latte out of their black turtlenecks to fix it ATM.


    / / / / / / / /

    YOU HOWEVER CAN RESET IT!!! Just go into the network settings for your airport card.. add an arbatrary wireless network (doesn't have to be real) then delete it, this will allow you to click on the apply changed button, which then FULLY resets your airport card. Which will then reconnect flawlessly.

    I'm sure there is a command line option (maybe with ifconfig? to do this) But I don't know it, this was the simpleist way I could find to do it, I'm also sure that apple could add the same function into their airport menu until they fix their flawed drivers… but that would mean admitting a mistake and incorporating a temporary band-aid solution, not job's style.

  • pinar

    I have read all the posts and glad to see that i am not the only one who has the same trouble. It seems that this trouble doesn't occur only on MacBooks with Tiger but also G4 iBook and Leopard.
    It is almost end of September. There is still no update :(
    I have kernel panics something like once a month but network connection drops randomly. Networ is not up more than 10 minutes when running from battery.

  • pinar

    Dear Russ,

    Whenever my Software Update application warns me that there are new updates, I download them all. I guess it should already have been updated it.
    My software version for Network Utility: 1.4.2 (50)

    SMC and EFI firmware updates are said to be up to date. There is no pending software update.

    Thank you

  • Leonardo

    I have followed this instructions and it solved this problem in my Macbook:

  • Collin

    i've had the same issues with my pb g4… now, it doesn't see my router and network diagnostics won't even launch… the panics started coming every 10 or so minutes and i just continued to be patient with it… time is resetting to 1970, applications launch at start up that weren't initially setup to launch, kernel panics, battery level unclear, strange shut down messages, cracked apple at restart, eyeball appearing along with a file at restart… very weird… going to genius bar tomorrow morning… wish me luck… any suggestions?? this is my first mac and i'm thinking of buying a imac just for my pictures… got an external drive because i couldn't trust it anymore…

  • George

    I must be missing something.

    How can it be a problem with the router if Airport works fine when you use external power _or_ you boot the same machine into Windows and run in any power mode? Or if you use some previous version of OSX?

    Since Apple is blaming this problem on routers, apparently they aren't going to address the problem. I am hoping this is a nasty rumor …

  • Owen

    We're still having issues with dropping connections. Over 10 different types of routers, and still happening.

    Great to see Apple is so concerned. NAAAAT!

  • Christopher

    Still having the same problems as well. :(

  • r hirt

    "Come on folks…lets be realistic here. OVERALL (generally speaking), Macs are more stable and more secure than Windows PCs."

    No YOU be realistic. Actually USE a Windows box that isn't your mom's spyware infected junk, and then really compare. The simple fact is, that this simply isn't true. Ever since Windows XP SP2, Windows has been the fastest, most stable of the two. If you have used both in a pro environment, you'd know this. You can argue that you prefer the experience in the Mac OS. But it's much slower, and less stable. OS 9 was faster than OS X. Really.

    Apple has done an amazing job of spin and of supressing the press on their quality control. It's been terrible for a quite a few years now. They sold 2 years worth of broken 23" cinema displays, an entire batch of the complete crap 1st gen macbooks. Never a single acknowledgement of fault. Apple does NOT "just work." This wireless issue is the the latest snow job while they sell pretty products that function at an inferior level. No other company has gotten away with more quality problems than Apple Computer. THAT's realistic.

  • Jim

    Yep, Apple replaced my mother board and apparently also replaced the airport card. I'm running all updates. I'm not getting the kernel panics anymore but wifi running off battery power still has problems with frequent dropped connections. It runs ok if plugged into AC or ethernet. Apple wifi just can't be trusted on battery power.

  • Chris

    My partner and I continue to have this very irritating problem. Wifi just drops out…our network sometimes just disappears from the menu and then reappears. Safari is sometimes as slow as molasses and other times really fast, but never as fast as it was before 10.4.9. Also, my external hard drive loses connection and is then available again peridically. I have a MacBook C2D and he has a Macbook Pro C2D, and we use Comcast as our broadband provider with a Airport Extreme Base Station using N exclusively on both notebooks. I wish Apple would provide a fix for this. Maybe there truly are so few people that they don't really see it as a problem. We'll eventually upgrade to Leopard, but from my perspective there's no guarantee that doing so will solve the problem. Oh well.

  • pinar deniz

    I am having wireless problem. I tried to find a utility which could display a graph of my network transfers so that I could have a proof for apple desk. I couldn't find one that comes by Mac OS X but I could get a log of ping results via Network Utility. I expected long delays but it seems my wireless works with no problem when I ping somewhere non-stop. Out of 1000 pings, highest delay is 1 sec (1 sec in every 15 packets). This can be a solution…

  • Laszlo Losonci

    I had also kernel panic problem.
    So I tried new install all from the beginning.
    As made the first restart during the installation kernel panic again so I understand that it is not from any update.
    In the ibook G4 1.33Ghz, 512 Mb last edition, middle of 2005. The problem is the connection between the logic board and the airport card.
    To repair a part that cost max. 5 USD have to change the airport card and the logic board. Sure it is a design mistake.
    Best regards,
    Computer owner.

  • Kyle

    I have the same issue since the 10.4.1 upgrade. WIFI used to be perfect, now I'm lucky if it connects at all.

    Bloody frustrating.

  • Russ

    I'm glad to know it's not just me. Over the past few weeks I've been having wireless connection issues with my gen 1 mac book (2.0GHz Core Duo), but it only seems to affect me at home (where I usually run on battery – at work I'm plugged in). Like someone else, I usually just turn airport off and back on and it remedies the problem.

  • Russ

    Look, I'm not the typical Apple "fanboi" who will defend them to no end, i.e. I won't say Apple doesn't make mistakes. But to come out of the gate and say that Windows computers "never" have any problems? Come on folks…let's be realistic here. OVERALL (generally speaking), Macs are more stable and more secure than Windows PCs. Yes, this is a frustrating problem – I'm experiencing it too. And it makes matters worse that many of you are experiencing this out of the box because it appears to be a 10.4.10 issue. I've had my Macbook for over a year and really don't have any complaints. But to say that one slip up by Apple means they're the worst company in history? I don't think so. Just try to keep things in perspective. They'll get it fixed – just maybe not as soon as you expect. Unfortunately, we're not their only clients and this probably isn't the only fire they're trying to put out.

  • Russ

    Actually, they did release an update which came out at least a month ago. It showed up as a patch under software update and since installing it, I haven't had any issues. Sounds like you may have some other issues going on.

  • randy white

    I have a MacBook Pro Intel, a Mac Powerbook, a two year old MacBook and a G5 Mac dual core PC, all newly updated to 10.4.11, and my airport signal comes on, than goes off (literally) every couple of minutes. It's awful. It's always been a problem, but never like this.a

  • Randy Wayne White

    I have a MacBook Pro Intel, a Mac Powerbook, a two year old MacBook and a G5 Mac dual core PC, all newly updated to 10.4.11, and my airport signal comes on, than goes off (literally) every couple of minutes. It's awful. It's always been a problem, but never like this. (I've tried five times now to send this — maddening.)

  • Randy Wayne White

    I have a MacBook Pro Intel, a MacBook, a Powerbook and a Mac G5 dual core PC, all recently updated with 10.4.11, and my airport signals (literally) go off and on about every 1-4 minutes. Awful. An example: this is my 9th try to send this.

  • William G Tolly

    I just bought a mid-2005 G4 ibook which had just had a new logic board (by Apple) last month. It was running 10.4.2. I checked it out and then thought I should update the OS, so downloaded and installed the 10.4.11 combo update—over my airport! As soon as it came up after the restart, the airport connection was gone. The card shows up and checks out under hardware check. I have done PRAM clear, OS reload and wipe to 10.4.2, and everything else. I took it to an Apple "genius" who said he had never seen something like it and said I would have to pay to have the logic board replaced. I don't think so! I had different but major problems on my 10.3.9 eMac after running the 2007-004 security update. After finding a much newer update which fixed the kernal panics and disappearing airport card, I am again wireless on that one. Where is the Apple fix for the G4 ibook with 10.4??? I have had Apples since the II and have never seen a mess like this one with so many people affected.

  • jan

    Apple is Just LIKE our BIG Brother
    we have updates, we have patches to rule us to switch
    We have builtin cameras in computers
    I dont believe errors and life interrupting things like disconnecting from airport, popping sounds during your work.

    We are stupid consumers, i liked apple, but its been such a crap last years

    I also think that OSX is worse than Vista, when talking about stability. I would like to see mac os x on other machines with differnet drivers, huge choices of graphic cards, audio cards etc…will lead to crash, fatal errors and so on. I think that is the only reason it happens

    I switched on windows on Mac

  • Laszlo

    Hi Boston,
    Sorry to tell you. Myself I am a little Apple supporter but this already a court case against Apple and sorry to tell this even.
    Look this site. The problem is Hardware problem . Clear. The connection between the Airport card and logic board broke and that make the problem. The technician wrote me also because a cheap part nearly have to change the all computer. This is a design problem and Apple have to admit it. How can broke a computer after 15 months of use mechanically where is not on your control at all.
    Think about it.

  • Laszlo

    Hi Alice,
    What kind of iBook You have? I mean when you bought. Read what I wrote earlier. Depend what connection lose between the Airport card and the Logic board. Some can make kernel panic some not. I speak about middle of 2005 Edition.
    Just told to my wife that it was a bad luck buying that in an old model they made such an important change and they chose a cheap connector anp laced it on a warm place.
    It is a hardware problem and to repair have to change the Airport card and the logic board. Apple not want admit that it is design problem. Can write to the consumer organization and write to newspapers. But you can give it repair also. If they put the same
    parts the problem will be the same. If they put an other type of parts it means that the design was not good. Both case better not to give repair.
    Sorry about the bad news. Look on the link just before you wrote.

  • Ian

    Same issue.. Macbook limited wireless and kernal panics not to mention random re-boots.. Brand new machine right out of the box… Re-imaged for the second time giving it one more try before sending it back…

  • Oskar

    I have this problem too. Not sure if 10.4.11 address the issue since I haven't installed it because I'm afraid that it will somehow break my installation (it happens quite often with Apple update lately).

    The Wifi doesn't really drop, I just can't use port 80 (to browse the internet that is). Other port seems working just fine (I have another program that use other port, and it worked fine).

  • Kuro

    I have an Intel black MacBook. After upgrading to 10.4.11, it couldn't have a stable connection via WiFi. The signal bar was at the strongest, but I fails to connect, when my old iBook had no problem connecting to the same router. Rebooting the router somehow fixed the problem. No idea what it was.

  • Harlito

    Macbook bought last summer. Worked great until late October (not sure what update came out then but am curious). Since then more and more crashing. Initially only after awakening after sleep but now it is nearly constant. RAM tests out OK, as does hardware. Disk Utility finds now trouble. But kernel panic crashes several times a day. This thing is almost not usable.

  • christopher S

    I have an iBook G4, 1.33 mhz, with 1.2gigs of ram, and just updated to 10.4.11 and get kernel panics and lose my wireless airport driver i have to restart several times before i get it back, this sucks!!!! I hope apple gets off there butts and fixes this soon.

  • Laszlo

    Everybody that thinks that has problem in driver try install the original disk.
    That case get the older well work driver.
    (if true what you think) If you still have kernel panic continue read this.
    I say that the iBook 12" and 14" has hardware problem and that make the kernel panic.
    That is a hardware problem.
    Can give you more links.
    Best regards,

  • Alice

    My Macbook worked right until last week.
    Suddenly the airport stops working.
    I have another Apple G4 iBook that works fine on the same wireless connection.
    The Macbook doesn't recognize the airport, and if it does, the connection doesn't work.

    Please solve this problem, I have spent 1400 to have a machine that doesn't work?!?!?

  • Alice

    I have bought it on October…I wait till this autumn to avoid the bugs in the first serie…
    But, today it starts workin' again… so strange…
    I cross my fingers!!!

  • nicolo cartiglia

    Brand New macbook white, top of the line, Mac OS 10.5.1..

    Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x88)
    Wireless Card Locale: Worldwide
    Wireless Card Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

    Wireless just disappear, no wireless network available… Nothing seems to help: only b, only g mode WEP, WPA,…
    My old ubuntu laptop, sitting next to me, is rock solid, so the network works like a charm

  • cstorey

    my pb4 is on it's way back to houston for the second time… the geniuses sent it to have the logic board replaced… when it made it's way back, the keyboard did not work, airport still wasn't working and they claim my addl ram was corrupt… so, still not fixed and have been without it for about 6 months due to kernel panics, airport disengaged, and repair work… the geniuses are having it mailed back to them for a diagnostic check (da!) this time and to document the problems (da!, again)

  • jan

    well i saw on one mbp new oe after upgrade
    the problem is that it is cropping the wifi just on one airport base station extreme! none on airport express base station…

    and if i remember right i was doing also an upgrade of the airport…not particulary the 10.4.10
    intel 2.4

  • Jan

    thi sucks, I have to tell Its a shame on apple
    We got used to this in PC World where on computers various hardware with bugged drivers…its a shame that apple is not competent to write or check their drivers for such specific devicec in their 5kinds of computers (MP, MB, MBP, iMac, Server)
    Apple is more like Windows
    bugs bugs ..

  • paul

    Same thing happened to my macbook, and apple refuses to help me properly diagnose and fix the problem unless i buy the added technical support. You'd figure if you buy a 3000 dollar comp they could help you with a problem caused by their software. Seriously dissapointed with apple.

  • julie

    yup. i have the same problem, and i thought it was just me, or a lousy router connection etc.. i have had our local dsl service out twice already to check the signal, have switched modems, and have a practically new airport. i can barely stay on for more than 5 minutes without my connection being dropped, even though the signal is steady.

    i have gotten used to it, but it is a major pain to keep having to reset the connection.

    it would be nice to have this fixed. imagine that, a continuous internet connection. wow. what an idea.

  • Lou

    I just started having this problem with the lost wi-fi and disappearing network a few days ago. I have an iBook G4 running 10.4.11. The wireless connection has been perfect until this last week. Now its just frustrating.

  • David Poyner

    Yes, me too, it started a couple of months ago. Dropped connections, regular as clockwork. When I SSH to my Virtual Private Server, it hangs after a few minutes inactivity. It also seems to interrupts the wireless on another (Windows) laptop on the same desk. Pretty annoying … is there a fix yet, otherwise how do I downgrade?

    Cheers, Dave.

  • jay

    Im haveing the same problem affter doing the last "wireless" update and its for my home network and now it will it will give me and "error joining the Airport network "—"

    If thiers a fix a way to rollback this update please someone help.

    Thank you.

  • Laszlo

    Hi All,

    I speak about the iBook middle of 2005 edition 12" and 14".
    It has design problem. Sure. point. The very delicate connector of the Airport card sit on a very warm place. That caused lose connection and make Kernel panic. Apple changed the connector type in other laptops but this mistake that made here not want admit and try to show face that they do not know about. It is not possible that after 14 months of correct use I not have computer and wrote more than 3 letters to Apple and not got any positive answer from them to solve this problem.
    I will not buy Apple product until they fix this problem.
    Think about it.

  • jay

    I have found the solution (link will explain how to fix),, threadID=1463799&tstart=255

  • laci

    …The link is a half link. Also the full link not finding any explanation.
    Hope first you can explain how to fix the link and after the ibook.Thanks

  • David Poyner

    My problem (see above) occurs even with a hard-wired LAN connection (i.e. Airport turned off). I reckon it happens after about a minute inactivity. Doesn't happen with my G4 Cube on the same LAN with same OS revision.

    The upshot is, I can't administer my VPS from the laptop, and I'm away from home quite a lot at present. Grrr ..

    Looking forward to the repaired link.

  • jay

    First downloaded the Pacifist trial located @ , I then downloaded the previous Airport Extreme Update, 2007-004 located @ Then I installed the Pacifist trial, and replaced the file "IO80211Family.kext" that's currently installed from the 2008-001 update with the older one inside the 2007-004 update .pkg.
    For those reading who don't know what to do..

    1. Go to Mac HD > System > Library > Extensions and drag the current IO80211Family.kext into the trash (it should be around 2.6MB)
    2. drag the .kext from the 2007 pkg folder in Pacifist into the Extensions folder (this .kext should be 1.2 MB)
    3. Restart your computer

    and Sig.. following these steps changes your firmware from a 1.3.5 back to a
    It worked for me any many other.

  • jay

    for got to mention to inf you what the link to Apple discussion click ony name 'jay' (notice its blue now)

  • David Poyner

    Hmmm, don't think I have Airport Extreme on my 15" G4 Titanium, so will this make any difference to my problem, esp. as it occurs when hard-wired?

    The link from "jay" should be:

    (on one line, of course), but it contains hundreds of "fixes". Still confused. Perhaps there's more than one problem.

  • laci

    what about this problem….I just start the computer and have kernel panic even install the original disk. After the new installation >>restart>> immediately get kernel panic….Hardware problem Design problem….Please..Apple people attention…you let alone your soldiers on the battle field.
    Hi All,

    I speak about the iBook middle of 2005 edition 12” and 14”.
    It has design problem. Sure. point. The very delicate connector of the Airport card sit on a very warm place. That caused lose connection and make Kernel panic. Apple changed the connector type in other laptops but this mistake that made here not want admit and try to show face that they do not know about. It is not possible that after 14 months of correct use I not have computer and wrote more than 3 letters to Apple and not got any positive answer from them to solve this problem.
    I will not buy Apple product until they fix this problem.
    Think about it.

  • jay

    David Poyner, If you reed at my 2 lat comments I explained the solution and then added the link to Latest Airport Update Problem. just so you can read it for your self and also if you want to read the full discusion.
    The soutions of the entire link is this:
    First downloaded the Pacifist trial located @ , I then downloaded the previous Airport Extreme Update, 2007-004 located @ Then I installed the Pacifist trial, and replaced the file “IO80211Family.kext” that’s currently installed from the 2008-001 update with the older one inside the 2007-004 update .pkg.
    For those reading who don’t know what to do..

    1. Go to Mac HD > System > Library > Extensions and drag the current IO80211Family.kext into the trash (it should be around 2.6MB)
    2. drag the .kext from the 2007 pkg folder in Pacifist into the Extensions folder (this .kext should be 1.2 MB)
    3. Restart your computer

    and following these steps changes your firmware from a 1.3.5 back to a (About this mac > more info.> under network/ AirPort Card)
    +My AIM AOL: johndavp

  • jay

    Laci im not shure what your exact problem, it its a design flaw not shure if thiers a solution.
    I will recommend you to find help @
    and posible google your problem and or look at other sites.

    Good luck.

  • laci

    Hi jay,
    Thanks for the advise.
    People whom has I book can confuse all these kernel panic.
    The fact is that after 14 months of use no more Airpor/wireless on the middle of 2005 ibooks 12" and 14". Tried to write Apple also.
    In the site that you advised they deleting all messages contacted with this problem. If take off the Airport card no more kernel panic and no more wireless as well. Totally hopeless situation and I am naturally do not alone with this problem. Sure I not buy more Apple product for my sorry.
    Best regards,

  • Matt

    I have had this problem for almost 5 months now, with 10.4.8(came installed) to 10.5.2, not even an acknowledgment from Apple.I use all Apple branded equipment, no 3 rd party haxies or unusual programs at all.This has me fuming and after some so-called fixes all resulting in more problems than solutions, I refuse to recommend Apple to anyone!!!

    To really add insult to injury Win XP SP2 used via Bootcamp does not exhibit this behavior, I am sickened that I spent $2500 to rely more on an OS that irritates me the heck out of me.If this POS laptop had not lost so much value, It would be gone.

    I have about 20 years experience with Apple/Windows computers and this is not user error.My friends core duo MacBook does not do this either on the same network.

    Yes I am fuming!!!

  • Ardel

    I occasionally encounter a problem similar to what has been described in some of the above. Now and then the wireless connection on my MacBook Pro (Intel) OSX 10.5.2 goes off, comes on, goes off, and keeps repeating,often with a spacing of less than a minute per episode. It also did it before I switched from 10.4.9 to Leopard.

    I found that if I turn off the router for five to ten minutes and then turn it back on it goes back to a steady connection. But If I turn the router off for a minute or less the problem persists.

    An acquaintance suggests that someone else may be piggybacking on my signal and hogging enough bandwidth to cause the problem, and that whoever is doing it is sufficiently inconvenienced by the longer interruptions to terminate their activity. That explanation seems a little weak to me, but just in case they know what they're talking about, I plan to introduce a new password to see if that cures the problem.

  • Khurram Siddiqui

    This is true – Apple needs to fix this very soon.

    I had a terrible experience at the Genius Bar in the Apple store today – the guy (aka Genius) said they've never heard of the issue, had to show him user discussions around it to prove my point. Anyway, he said the issue is with Verizon wireless (my ISP) and then started repeating the same thing again and again and again louder and louder and louder – what a jerk.

    He didn't understand that I had another Macbook without the update working perfectly fine on the same network and this Macbook (1,1 Core Duo) with the security update not working.

    BTW, on the core2duo Macbook's you can just roll back the security update and apply 2007-004 update and you'll be fine. However, if you have a coreDuo Macbook, the same approach will not fix the issue (I haven't found the right fix yet).

  • Ronald Reece

    My Airport sucks too. 2.16 core 2 duo with 10.5.4. Signal cuts out, and I have to unplug and replug the AirPort Extreme router. Had this problem ever since 10.5. My 12 inch G4 PB never had this problem. Forgive me if I'm not "Really excited" about this Mr. Jobs!

  • zubair

    i bought a macbook air thinking this was the way forward….. i have had it for 3 months now and it has given me nothing but headache. it will not connect to my netgear router, linksys router or belkin router, i have spent too much money chopping and changing now

    the problem is the opposite at home as i can log onto wireless so easily, but at work the dam thing will not connect, it finds the router but on connection, it says connection timed out.

    i have called apple, gone to see them, they have said the airport is fine, so now i bought the usb connection to connect to the net, and wow it works, but i thought apple was the best at things…. i dont have wireless now at work and have conceded defeat now.

    at work i have a vaio laptop that connects fast, pcs connected with linksys adaptor, that connects to a linksys router. so why doesnt the apple connect, to a router that allows mac connection, i will never know!

  • luya

    No issues have been reported regarding to wireless problems. Is it over ? Has everybody fixed it? I am thinking to send my macbook to repair..

  • Christophe Brock

    My problems just started about 2 weeks ago ( Mac OS X 10.5.5 )
    Connection to the wireless works perfect on other computers + on my iPhone, but the connection on my macbook pro keeps fluctuating from a full to an empty bar.

    Also, I've noticed that having a full bar doesn't mean I can access internet. My mac network detection varies between 7 and 0 networks found…

    I hope they come up with a patch/solution fast.

  • Christopher Reid

    Beat this guys, When trying to connect to my network my entire MacBook froze… After 10 minutes of this I eventually just had to hold the off button…
    The hard drive now only clicks.
    Blinking folder with the question mark sometimes.
    Cant boot from disk, use firewire target mode or anything.

    This turned my (out of warranty) MacBook into a useless slab. :)
    All hail Apple…

  • john david

    I think we need to join forces and contact apple..because we paid money for a good working product..

  • luya

    "Connection on my macbook keeps fluctuating from a full to an empty bar."

    I can only avoid this by ping nonstop

  • Jason

    Had my airport die, yesterday. First it was 'not on', now it says that there is 'no airport card'. Interestingly enough, I can connect when I restart in bootcamp. But not when I restart normally in OS.

  • Philip Koch

    I have a 1 week old macbookpro (my very first) with the latest OSX and it infuriates me that I had to go well out of my way to find out what was wrong with my wifi.

    The wifi bars never drop, they are always full, but I loose connection or the page will simply not load.
    My girlfriend has an old mac book and it runs solidly, never once has it dropped wifi. Both our iphones are also hooked up to the same wifi and they do not drop either…

    Extremely counter productive, embarrassing and maddening.

  • JimM

    I can't believe this thread is still going. I'm one of the first posters. My problem was solved when I shipped my macbook pro back to apple and they replaced the motherboard, airport card and everything else the main board contains. i haven't had any problems since and i take all the updates when they are available. i suggest getting them to replace your laptop or sending it in for repairs.

  • LosiLaci

    Sure it going on. The computer WIFI stopped work after 14 months of use and an Apple retailer asked 2/3 of the price to repair. Some people try to lie if they pressing on the WIFI (Airport card it will be OK.
    If this true why they ask 1000 US dollar to repair? One of them or both was not correct. Why have topay so much for repair after 14 months? It is a clear design mistake inside. Only Apple can clean this issue and they do not.
    From that time decided never more buy such a product that the company do not admit a clear mistake in design. Buy any other computer or product but no more Apple product.