E3 2012: Spacetime Studios shows off Arcane Legends

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Before the doors for the E3 show floor opened this morning, I sat down to spend some time with Fernando Blanco, director of marketing at Spacetime Studios. Spacetime is the developer of the Legends series of tablet and browser based MMOs: fantasy Pocket Legends, sci-fi Star Legends and horror Dark Legends. This morning, they showed off the recently announced Arcane Legends.

Arcane Legends

In their canon of games, Arcane Legends most closely resembles Pocket Legends, but is a bit more serious. Gamers will be able to play as a warrior (the tank), rogue (melee fighter) or sorcerer (ranged attacks and health), and team up to go on various quests. Unlike many MMOs, Arcane Legends does not use auto attack for battles, but requires the player to tap on an attack button. Holding the button will launch a more powerful attack, an effect carried over to the various skill attack buttons available. Although many skill attacks can be acquired, only four can be assigned at a time, keeping the UI nice and clean. Players will also tap the health button to remain in battle, provided there’s any health available.

Arcane Legends

If they do die, players can determine how to return after being killed. Instead of just starting off back at the inn (the wonderfully named “The Slurred King”), dead players can pay to return right back at the battle, and even pay a little more to return with a temporary power boost (15 seconds of invulnerability); perfect for defeating a troublesome boss.

The enemy AI is also a bit smarter than you’ll find in many MMOs. Enemy archers, for example, are smart enough to pull away from your melee fighters to avoid damage while still landing their own. It’s therefore a good idea to go on quests with a diverse party of players.

Arcane Legends

Spacetime is targeting a late August / early September release, and are attempting a simultaneous iOS, Android, Google Chrome launch (the game is played on the same server despite the device, so iOS gamers can join up with Google Chrome players, for example). The game will be free to play, with micro transactions available for vanity equipment and enhancements. 20 levels will be available at launch with an additional 10 to 20 levels available by year end.

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