Google plans to introduce 3D maps to iOS devices

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Yesterday, Google held a press conference to showcase “the next dimension” of 3D mapping technology for their own Google maps services. This includes new ways of navigating by using 3D images of buildings. It has been rumored by several media outlets that Apple will be unveiling their own 3D mapping solution by C3 Technologies, a company Apple purchased last year.

In addition, rumors say we could expect Apple’s new mapping technology to be unveiled at WWDC 2012, and that it will be featured as the native Maps application in iOS 6, replacing the current Google-powere Maps app.

Along with improvements for Google maps, the company also took the time to unveil a few new surprises for Street View and an option for offline viewing on Google Maps for Android devices. Google executives stated during the conference, that “…we’re fully committed to offering these services on all different platforms”, and promised that very soon iOS devices will see a new version of Google Earth.

Google is working to bring offline Maps to iOS devices as well, but didn’t specify any clues as to when this features might arrive to Apple devices.

Via [9to5Mac]

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