Macbook Air 13″ model teardown by iFixit

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The talented team at iFixit got their hands on Apple’s newest 13-inch Macbook Air model which got unveiled at Monday’s WWDC 2012 keynote event. The iFixit experts took the Macbook Air apart, revealing subtle changes in the interior design even though this latest version kept the same outward appearance as previous models.

The newer MacBook Air features Ivy Bridge processors, Intel’s HD 4000 graphics, and USB 3.0 support. However, those hardware upgrades did nothing to explain the changes that Apple made to the notebook internal layout. According to iFixit’s teardown, they discover new MagSafe connector which is thinner and wider than its predecessor.

Apple made a few other improvements to the internal components, such as faster 1600 MHz RAM, and a tweaked integrated flash storage(SSD) chip that includes a SandForce controller made by Toshiba. iFixit noted that this new chip is a nice addition to the MacBook line that could ultimately deliver better performance. When iFixit looked deeper into Apple’s new Core i5-3427U 1.8GHz processor, they found that the new chip is very power efficient, drawing only 17 watts.

To find out more about the MacBook Air teardown and its discoveries, head down to the ifixit website.

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