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Ah, the circle of life. It sounds pretty when Elton John’s singing about it in a Disney movie, but it’s really all about dying, isn’t it. It’s about eating and being eaten. Or shot. First Post Studios brings this basic brutality of nature to your iPhone and iPod touch in a completely charming, colorful, and fun way with their first iOS game: Snacksss.

What is it?

Snacksss is a casual iOS game that relies heavily on your touchscreen reflexes. You’re a rattlesnake trying to survive in the wild by eating all manners of birds and furry, land-based wildlife.


As they move across the screen, you swipe your snake in their direction to pick them off. But you’re not the only predator in the wild. A hunter stalks you on the ground, while a hawks soars overhead to make you his dinner.

How does it work?

If you’ve played Fruit Ninja or any of other swiping games out there, you kind of have the feel for Snacksss. You swipe your snake in the direction of the food, chaining your attacks for higher combos that lead to more points. Some of the creatures aren’t exactly edible, however, and must be avoided; hitting them kills your combo.

When the hunter gets too close, you must tap the rattle icon to scare him away (a rather comical animation of him fleeing frantically into the horizon).


Same goes for the hawk, whom you must avoid at just the right time.

Is it contagious?

When people talk about iPhone gaming, Snacksss is very much the type of game that springs to mind. It provides a short burst of frantic fun for the casual gaming market, perfect for killing a few minutes here and there. The high quality of development helps, with great cartoonish imagery and responsive touch-based gameplay. It would be great to see more backgrounds or, even cooler, time shifts so the setting fades into the darkness of night, then back into daylight as your skills increase.

Snacksss isn’t the kind of game you’re going to rush home to play, but at only $0.99 (additional snakes can be purchased in app, but only for cosmetic purposes) it’s worth it to have around when you need a quick diversion.

Category: Games
Developer: First Post Studios
Cost: $0.99
Download: Snacksss

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