Skype for Mac updated for OS X Mountain Lion

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Skype has announced availability of Skype 5.8 for Mac. Aside from making the app ready for OS X Mountain Lion, which is due for release next month, the update also brings in several new features that will surely please you if you use Skype for Mac constantly.

One of the highlights of the update is the fact that Skype for Mac has reverted to the slim format for contact list. This can now be done at your own will by simply repositioning and resizing your contact list. This feature is the result of feedback received by Skype after it rolled out the full-screen user interface in Skype 5.0.

Another new feature of Skype for Mac 5.8 is improved video calling. Specifically, the app can now detect when the person you are talking to has rotated the device from portrait to landscape or vice versa. This holds true for those who use the Skype app for iPhone, iPad or Android. The same feature is enabled for Skype for Windows Phone uses who are holding a video call with you.

In addition, Skype for Mac 5.8 also now has an improved screen sharing feature which allows you to share your desktop over a call or show friends and family your photos. If you’re a Skype Premium subscriber, the updated app will simultaneously display your live video together with your photos.

Via [Skype Blog]

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