Dropbox for iOS now automatically uploads photo and videos

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Seriously, if Apple wants to push forward its iCloud service, it should do something to prevent rival apps from getting into the App Store. But Apple can’t do that, and so Dropbox continues to thrive on the App Store with its iOS app. Dropbox for iOS has just been updated with a very useful feature—automatic uploading of photos and videos from your device’s camera roll. Dropbox does that over Wi-Fi and cellular connections, which means that you once set it up you are assured that every photo you captured or video you’ve recorded is safely and immediately stored in the Dropbox server, waiting for you to access it later on.

For Android users, this feature is nothing new since it was enabled quiet a long time ago.

Aside from this new feature, Dropbox is also rolling out a new scheme of granting extra storage for current Dropbox users. This is actually related to the new feature. To earn an extra 3GB of storage, you just let your Dropbox account do the automatic uploading of photos and videos. Everytime this happens, Dropbox will award 500MB of free storage until you’ve gained 3GB more. Dropbox for iOS also now has a new gallery view and can move/delete sets of multiple files. The app can also now move or delete sets of files all at the same time.

Dropbox for iOS is available now as a free download from the iTunes App Store. If you’re new to Dropbox, you’ll need to create a new account.

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