Hex Code Folio for iPad review

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Provides: Protection, display and organization for iPad
Developer: Hex
Minimum Requirements: iPad 2 and third gen iPad
Price: $79.95
Availability: Now

The iPad has myriad uses. That’s kind of it’s selling point, after all. You pay for the hardware, then make it whatever you want it to be by loading it up with apps. If you find yourself turning it into a business machine, then you should consider outfitting it with the Hex Code Folio for iPad.

There are many folio style case options available to you, but the Hex Code Folio stands out in a few key ways. We’ll begin with appearance, as the basic stitched leather quickly calls to mind a high-end business organizer. It’s available in black, British tan, and red, any of which will look just fine when carrying it into a business meeting or opening it up for quick presentations.

Hex Code Folio for iPad

The business organizer comparison is apt, because the inside left cover includes two document holders (bottom half and full interior), as well as three slots for business or credit cards. There’s even a small pen holder. Obviously, you’re not going to be able to store presentations, magazines or anything of width, really, but it’s perfect for keeping a few business cards handy, along with a notepad, your boarding pass, passport, sample pamphlets, etc.

Hex Code Folio for iPad

The cover interior also includes three ridges on each side so you can set up the iPad at three levels of horizontal display. The ridges are fairly small and the leather doesn’t do much to prevent the iPad from sliding, but it works fine if you’re not pressing against the screen too much. The cover is held in place by an elastic band when closed.

The iPad itself is held in place on the right hand side within a solid construction “custom molded device bed.” It has a soft, smooth feel to it, and it’s quite easy to snap your iPad in and out. The solid construction frame adds a good deal of width to the iPad, but I prefer this over the rubber or leather frames or elastic bands often used in other folio cases. The iPad sits in the Hex Code Folio more securely, giving a better sense of stability and presentation. It’s easier to use the edges of the iPad screen this way, and easier to clean if you tend to keep your iPad in its case. Your iPad is also at less risk of getting smashed, as the hard frame provides extra support. No worries about access, as the frame of course has the proper cutouts for the docking cable, headphones, volume, etc. The angled speaker open does a decent job of amplifying the sound a bit, too.

Hex Code Folio for iPad

The Hex Code Folio has a couple drawbacks, though. To use the camera, the flap is going to have to hang open, which makes the process quite awkward. (To be fair, though, I’ve only tried one folio case that properly solved this problem, and they did it by having the folio open from right to left.) Also, the Hex Code Folio doesn’t support the magnetic sleep/wake functionality. This was likely the proper design choice, considering any bulk from the cover pockets would prevent it from working properly if it were included. The bulk itself is an issue, too, as it means the flap will be pressing hard against the iPad screen if you have a lot in there and are forcing it shut with the elastic strap.

Beyond that, though, it’s hard to find fault with the Hex Code Folio. It offers attractive, sturdy protection for your iPad, and brings more functionality than most of its competitors. It brings more bulk, too, but that’s an easy sacrifice to make if you’re looking for a professional way to use and display your iPad.

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Hex Code Folio for iPad review

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