RBC & Piper Jaffray’s latest Apple predictions

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Crystal BallAs much as the fanboys love their rumour sites, from AppleInsider to MacScoop, there’s another segment of the grapevine that has been known to leak the latest Apple news (and I’m not talking Mossberg here). They are analysts of course – and their latest predictions are in.

Analyst Mike Abramsky for RBC Capital:

    Apple will meet it’s iPhone sales goal of 10 million in the first 18 months
    16GB and lower priced iPhones for 2007, 3G and larger resolution displays for 2008
    Canadian and European iPhone launches between Q4 ’07 and Q2 ’08
    Asia iPhone launch by mid-2008
    New nano and video iPods by the end of 2007 with larger displays, more memory, and Wi-Fi
    There will be no “iPhone nanos”

Analyst Gene Munster for Piper Jaffray:

    80% chance of new iMacs soon
    a 13-inch ultra-portable is under development
    Mac OS X-based iPods are under development

Read [AppleInsider] and [MacNN]

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