TextExpander 4 released outside of the Mac App Store

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TextExpanderUnfortunately, Apple’s new sandboxing requirements for Mac App Store submissions have complicated matters for quite a few developers whose apps can’t retain their functionality when sandboxed. One such app, TextExpander, now has to be sold and distributed outside of the Mac App Store for that very reason. Sandboxing, which limits which OS X resources that apps are allowed to access, has just recently become a requirement of all Mac App Store apps ahead of OS X Mountain Lion’s launch this summer.

Smile, developers of TextExpander, have just released an updated version of TextExpander with a good amount of new features, but you’ll have to download the app and purchase a license through Smile’s web site rather than on the Mac App Store. The app will function just fine on Mountain Lion, and has even been signed with a Developer ID for compatibility with Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper feature.

Listed below are the new features you’ll find in TextExpander 4:

  • New fill-in types: multiple line text fields, pop-up menus, optional text sections
  • Supports default values for text and popup fill-ins
  • Edit fill-ins and options with popup interface
  • Expand snippets and switch apps while using fill-ins
  • Improved statistics with graphical display (and the ability to tweet your stats)
  • Hands-on tutorial for new users
  • Contextual menus for snippet editor and list
  • Updated appearance for Lion and Mountain Lion
  • French and German autocorrect groups

TextExpander 4 will cost you $34.95 if you’re a new customer (or $44.95 if you buy a family pack and $99.95 if you buy an office pack containing a total of 5 licenses). You can also opt to try out a fully-functioning demo of TextExpander 4 before you purchase a license. If you’re upgrading from a previous version of TextExpander that was purchased after January 15th of this year, you can get a copy of TextExpander 4 for free. If you bought TextExpander before that date, however, you’ll have to pay $15 for a TextExpander 4 license.

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