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Real Aquarium HD is one of the first apps to update its code to support the new Retina display of the Macbook Pro. It’s an application inspired by a lot of the virtual aquarium applications that have been popular over the years. But instead of having virtual fish, it gives you HD video of real creatures from the ocean.

What is it?

Real Aquarium HD is not a normal aquarium application. There are no virtual fish. There is no virtual tank. No, this app is chock full of HD video from the deep.

Real Aquarium HD

It’s meant to be a relaxation style app. Almost like a screensaver, only you can’t really run it as a screensaver.

How does it work?

After the 2.44 GB of video has downloaded, all you have to do is launch the app and you are greeted by some full screen jellyfish. What could be better? If you’re not a fan of this undulating creature, you can select another animal from the list. They have sharks, dolphins, sting rays and oysters.

Real Aquarium HD

You can also play music in the background. There’s some new age music included with the app or you can play whatever you like from your iTunes library.

Is it contagious?

Nope. The application is billed as HD and the video quality just doesn’t live up to what you’d expect from HD. I actually think I’ve seen higher quality video streamed from YouTube. Worse yet, they advertise this app as being Retina display ready, which it most certainly isn’t. The Retina support just helps you see how true blockiness of the video. So in the end, you have a screensaver app that can’t be used as a screensaver, isn’t an aquarium and doesn’t live up to its HD title.

Category: Entertainment
Developer: Tapmedia, LLC
Cost: $1.99 (currently on sale for $0.99)
Download: TapMedia, LLC

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