Anuman releases “thriller” and Jules Verne hidden object game packs

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Anuman Interactive

If you prefer to enjoy your hidden object games while stalking “unfortunates” and/or traveling 20,000 leagues under the sea, then Anuman Interactive is speaking your language with their latest hidden object value packs. Their latest compilations center around the horror of Jack the Ripper and Jekyll and Hyde, as well as the writings of Jules Verne.

And while I have you, let’s make sure you understand that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is referring to distance, not depth. You can’t travel 60,000 miles deep into the ocean. Have fun using that knowledge to correct people at parties.

Anyway, Anuman is bringing that and Jules Verne’s Round the World in 80 Days to hidden object gamers in the 2 in 1 Jules Verne pack for iPhone and iPad for $3.99, and Macintosh for $9.95. The 3 in 1 Thriller Pack includes Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Extended Edition, Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell – Extended Edition, and Profiler – Extended Edition for iPhone and iPad for $4.99, and Macintosh for $14.95. All the games will put your powers of observation to the test through a collection of hidden object levels and mini games.

And if you’re told to find any grapes in Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell, best to leave them be. Trust me on this.

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