Mellel word processor for OS X gets over 60 new features

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Mellel 3.0

RedleX’s Mellel word processor for OS X already has quite a devoted following, and that following is likely to get bigger with the announcement of Mellel v3.0. The major update brings live bibliography, Lion compatibility, enhanced full-screen support, revamped palettes, and 60 other new features to address your complex, arduous and demanding writing tasks.

All licenses come with a guaranteed life-time of free updates.

The extended list of new features includes:

  • Live bibliography: Your bibliography will update automatically (and quickly) in a document as you add new references (with Bookends).
  • Real fullscreen mode for Lion and Snow Leopard. You can work in ‘clean’ full screen mode or use palettes, outline and menus, or anything in-between.
  • iCloud support for those who buy Mellel at the App Store
  • Auto-save: if you’re using 10.7 (Lion) you can auto-save files using versions, but you can also use the old auto-save system.
  • Automatic Language switching: Spelling dictionary will switch as you switch languages. You can also set which spelling dictionary to use with which language, set a language to any selected piece of text, and more.
  • New and improved palettes are now easier to manipulate, change, arrange, drag and so on—but they keep in one place, respecting muscle memory accessing palette options.
  • Ruler and tabs: the easy way. You can now add tabs on the fly, drag them, set exact position, change tab types, enjoy a vertical rule, snap tabs, and so on.
  • Template options: you can now easily set the preview, description and update palettes quickly and easily (Mellel will remember where to put the template).
  • Re-arranged menus: we’ve added a View menu, and condensed all the style menus into one.
  • Easy access to styles: Access the page, paragraph, list, character and section styles easily via the palettes – each style palette offers all the options, and a style list.
  • Document and fullscreen background: More in the fun-and-games department, but useful to those who wish to control those.

To learn more about Mellel 3.0 and to give it a try, visit


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