More changes, additions come to Dark Legends MMO for iOS

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Dark Legends

Vampires kill people by drinking their blood. That makes them bad. You know it, I know it, and Abraham Lincoln knew it. But if you’re one of those raised on Twilight and Monster High, you’ll be happy to know the more vampire-sympathetic Dark Legends MMO for iOS has been updated with a higher level cap, lower in app purchase prices, and the ability to kill this fellow:

Dr. Kriegberg


  • The level cap has been raised to 26.
  • Players will finally be able to confront and defeat their nemesis, vampire hunter Dr. Kriegberg. The boss who incited the anti-vampire movement and is often referred to throughout the title, will now be available to suck bone dry.
  • The prices of everything that can be purchased for Platinum in game have been reduced between 50 and 90%. This price change will be permanent.
  • Platinum is on sale until July 2

These changes are in addition to the removal of the energy mechanic, which Spacetime Studios announced earlier this month as the result of player feedback.

Dark Legends features:

  • Thrilling gothic, horror-filled 3D world where vampires battle for survival.
  • True cross platform gaming. Get the same experience on your smartphone or tablet as you do on your PC or MAC.
  • Deepest combat system yet for a Legends title.
  • A large inventory of sexy, futuristic and gothic costumes, as well as brutal weapons.
  • Countless hours of worldwide, multiplayer, open-world gameplay.
  • MMO components usually reserved for PC, including: character development and progression, grouping, guilds, friends, chat, and more.

For more information on Dark Legends, visit or grab the Dark Legends for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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