New Zoo Tunes portable speakers

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Cute, portable, animal-shaped speakers for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod? If you are using a member of Impecca’s recently unveiled Zoo Tunes line, the answer is check, check, and check!

Zoo Tunes—launched at the CEA Line Show in NYC—include a range of portable, battery-powered speakers wrapped in fun animal-shaped cases. Options include a tiger, a pig, bear, owl, panda…the list goes on, ensuring everyone can find an animal that fits their personality. With fun and quirky designs, a Zoo Tunes creature is a guaranteed conversation starter on a desk or at a party.  Zoo Tunes are priced at $24.99, and will be available at stores like Rite Aid and Toys ‘R Us.

Each Zoo Tunes speaker features a standard 1/8″ audio cable permanently attached to the back, with a convenient cable clip for storage. This means your an hook up virtually any audio device, which is useful since the Zoo Tunes are designed for portability.  Two 40mm stereo speakers are located in each unit (usually as the animal’s eyes), and are powered by either 3AAA batteries or the included mini USB cable, making these great for plugging into a laptop. Power and volume controls are included, and an amber LED indicates when the unit is powered on.

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