Appidemic: Babel Rising 3D for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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You get to be a god—a false god with rather limited powers (especially to start), but it’s your turf and you must defend it.

What is it?

In Babel Rising 3D, the humans are getting a bit full of themselves and are building a tower to invade the heavens. Your job is to stop them by killing the workers who are building the tower, thereby preventing its completion.

Babel Rising 3D

The graphics are very nice and the 3D environment uses a respectable tap and drag viewpoint control. The background music while you are perusing the menus is suitably tension building. The main working score will provide background noise as well as let you know of the humans’ nearing completion of the tower (when they sound too happy, kill ‘em faster…)

How does it work?

Tap a power in one of the upper corners then tap on a human you want to eliminate. The game provides Earth, Fire, Water and Wind powers you can use to squash the puny humans. As you earn Babels (coins) they can be used to upgrade your powers to new levels of destruction or to boost your passive powers (basically, the recharge rate of the powers). The faster you can recoup the energy needed to hurl flaming death from the sky the better your odds of defeating the humans.

Babel Rising 3D

The Earth power can either drop a rock on the workers’ head or open a rift in the ground to send the workers plunging to their doom. Fire will get you a fireball with a small explosion on impact or a wall of flames. The Water power lets you send rain to slow the workers or an ice storm to freeze and shred the humans. Lastly, the Wind gives you the ability to strike the upstarts down with lightning or send a tornado to sweep them away.

Babel Rising 3D

Is it contagious?

Babel Rising 3D is a bit homicidal but moderately entertaining. The start can be a bit frustrating—you are a god, but it sure seems to take a while to be able to smite anything. As you earn points/Babels to upgrade, your powers can recharge faster and the challenge becomes more fun.

Babel Rising 3D

The graphics are smooth and detailed. The tutorials are well done, but you may want to turn them off after the first couple of rounds as they get in the way of selecting targets. The target selection is a bit tricky on the small screen, but not too difficult—the game seems to understand who you are targeting and places your shots accordingly.

All in all, another good offering from Ubisoft.

Category: Games
Developer: Ubisoft
Cost: $2.99
Download: Babel Rising 3D

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