X-Protect for iPhone 4/4S case review

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Provides: Extreme drop protection for iPhone 4/4S
Developer: G-Form
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4/4S
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

I’ve dropped my iPhone a couple of times. More specifically, it’s been knocked out of my hands a couple of times. Both times it was in a case, although not one built specifically to save it from such falls. And so, I got lucky; no damage to report. That won’t always be the case, though, so if use your phone in a manner that’s conducive to drops and abuse, you should take a serious look at the X-Protect from G-Form.

X-Protect iPhone 4/4S case from g-Form

You know G-Form, right? They’re the company with videos of iPads falling from outer space and iPhones surviving slap shots at Tim Thomas:

The amount of abuse the X-Protect cases are able to withstand is impressive; certainly more than you’re likely to put them through. And they do it without adding too much bulk, thanks to G-Form’s composite blend of Poron® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology.

G-Form X-Protect case for iPhone 4/4SThe X-Protect is actually two separate pieces: a rigid outer frame and the inner Reactive Protection Technology (RPT™) core. The frame holds the gel like padding of the RPT core in place, pushing the protection out the back, sides, and all four corners. G-Form instructs you to make sure these bumpers are all outside of the frame, or you’ll want to remove the case and reapply to get full protection (taking the case on and off isn’t hard at all).

The frame rises a bit above the phone, so you will feel like you’re holding a larger device. The holes around the headphone jack, dock port and mute switch are wide enough for easy use, but you may have some trouble with wider headphones and will certainly run into problems when trying to dock with third party devices; you’ll be using the cable or an extension adapter.

The sleep/wake and volume buttons are protected, and the camera opening is plenty wide enough to prevent flash issues. What I like best, though, is that the frame is angled out from the screen in a manner that makes it easy to reach the sides of the screen with your thumbs and fingers. You won’t have any trouble typing or playing games.

Of course, all of this is secondary to the protection. Although it comes in multiple colors (black core, with your choice of a black, ice, blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, or white frame, as well as a yellow core / black frame option), the X-Protect is not the most attractive of cases. It’s designed specifically to protect your iPhone from drops, but even then you’re at the mercy of how it lands (there’s no screen protection included, which I found a bit odd).

Still, considering G-Form’s claim that the X-Protect absorbs 94% of the force of an impact, it may be worth sacrificing the iPhone’s visual appeal and size as opposed to sacrificing your paycheck on a replacement.

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X-Protect for iPhone review

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