Arrow Note free iOS optimized text editor review

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Category: Productivity
Seller: Takeshi Fuchi
Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later
Compatibility: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
File Size: 2.8MB
Version Reviewed: 1.4.4
Price: Free
Age Rating: 4+

Arrow Note is an elegant, little, free (ad supported) text editor with some additional features that should have been built into the iOS but weren’t; namely keyboard-based select/cut/copy/paste commands added to a toolbar (no more pressing and holding on top of the text!). It’s not as efficient and convenient as real mouse or touchpad input, but it’s an enhancement that can improve text-editing efficiency.

Also enhancing convenience, speed and efficiency are added keyboard toolbar rows with numerical, punctuation, and symbol keys that remain visible and don’t require shifting to an alternate keyboard map like you do with Apple’s default keyboard. I especially appreciate having an n-dash key available without a shift. The additional keys are less than quarter the size of the keys on the QWERTY interface, but one heck of a lot better than not having them at all, and they’re arguably an even more effective efficiency-enhancer than the text manipulation features.

More good news is that Arrow Note has an attractive user interface (at least it appeals to my sense of aesthetics), and a surprisingly deep feature set for a small, freeware text processor—such as a search and replace engine and a real-time-updating font settings dialog with a wide selection of fonts and point sizes.

You can choose between views with a list of documents on the left, or go full screen with the text field.

On the downside, I have encountered some bugginess. Using the touchscreen “Select All” command seems to discombobulate the application, with no “Copy” button displayed, and usually causing Arrow Note to crash. Not cool, and I lost some data in the open document upon restarting.

There is also no support for synching with Dropbox or iCloud, so your only export options are email, Copy/Paste, with the above noted issue being an obstacle to exporting whole documents. There is an option to open the working document in any of your other text editor apps.

I like Arrow Note. As I said, I’m partial to its looks, and the enhanced keyboard capabilities are great. However, it still needs some polishing and bug fixing , especially the select and copy issues I encountered, and Dropbox (preferably for me) and/or iCloud support would be greatly appreciated as well.

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