iOS text editor version updates: Just Type 1.1 and Arrow Note 1.4.5

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A couple of iOS freeware text editor/notepad apps I recently reviewed here have received version updates.

Just Type 1.1

Shubham Kedia’s Just Type notepad app gets a 1.1 revision with a new Delete Confirmation feature, improved iCloud integration, and (hooray!) the ability to save notes directly to Dropbox. Even better, Kedia says deeper Dropbox integration is coming in the future, which I’m hoping will mean the ability to open files from Dropbox with Just Type.

In the meantime, it’s just a matter of tapping the Dropbox setting selection from the Just Type export menu and clicking a button to authorize linking. The export menu selection then changes to Save to Dropbox, and the note will land up as a document in a new Just Type folder in the Dropbox Folder.

In case you missed my review, other good Just Type stuff includes six color theme choices, plus generic grayscale, a selection of 16 different font choices and point sizes from 8 to 24, and you can also Bold text. Individual notes can be star highlighted and color-coded, plus there’s comprehensive undo/redo support across all actions, which on the iPad works by two-finger swiping left or right respectively.

Since, in a burst of enthusiasm, I already gave Just Type a full 5 out to 5 rating in my review (on sober third thought, it probably should’ve been 4 out of 5), I can’t take it up a notch, and there’s still the full (hopefully) Dropbox integration to come, but version 1.1 represents significant enhancement.

Just Type supports the iPhone 3GS on up, third and fourth generation iPod touches, and all iPads, provided they’re running iOS 5 or later.

Product [Just Type]

Arrow Note 1.4.5

Arrow Note 1.4.5’s only listed change is a minor bugfix of the Search UI. Unfortunately, there’s been no fix of more problematic bugs I encountered in my review, during which I found that using the touchscreen “Select All” command seems to discombobulate the interface, with no “Copy” button displayed, and usually causing Arrow Note to crash. I downloaded and checked out version 1.4.5, but got an app crash on my first try with Select All.

There is also still no support for synching with either Dropbox or iCloud in Arrow Note.

It’s too bad, because Arrow Note has a boatload of attractive and useful features, including keyboard-based select/cut/copy/paste commands added to a toolbar (no more pressing and holding on top of the text!), plus added keyboard toolbar rows with numerical, punctuation and symbol keys that remain visible and don’t require shifting to an alternate keyboard map like you are obliged to do with Apple’s default keyboard.

However, Arrow Note still definitely needs some work, and still only rates a (generous) 3 out of 5.

Arrow Note is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Product [Arrow Note]

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