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Time to throw another brain on the barbie; the Zombies just joined the party. Zombie HQ ushers in the zombie apocalypse on a rooftop base with a radio, a map, and a slot machine.

What is it?

Zombie HQ pits you against the zombie horde for your own survival and the protection of the few other survivors you can find. The graphics are really nice with a good level of detail, and the requisite dark mood is well represented by the nocturnal setting and signs of destruction.

Zombie HQ

The controls are very easy to use so you can concentrate on staying alive and sending the zombie scum to oblivion by shooting them or caving their heads in with your baseball bat (complete with barbed wire and nails).

How does it work?

The left thumb button/joystick provides direction of motion; the further away from center you move the “joystick” the faster you will move. On the right side of the screen you have the fire button (to fire your gun or swing your bat), a “bomb” button to use any explosives you have, a reload button, and a button to toggle between weapons.

Zombie HQ

The premise is simple—kill zombies and survive. The game provides missions, but you will need enough energy points to play the level. There is an option to buy your way into a level: pony up enough coins and you can forego the energy requirement.

As you play, you earn experience points and energy points, and acquire more money along the way. With your new found cash reserves, you can purchase upgrades to your weapons or spend a little on sprucing up your rooftop headquarters with things like a water cooler, stereo, furniture, etc. The weapons upgrades include all sorts of things—from a cricket bat (thanks Pegg and Frost) to a machine gun to land mines. With all of that apparent action for the thumbs, it’s good to know your character will automatically target the closest threat, so no real worry about wasted shots.

Is it contagious?

Of course! Who doesn’t like taking out zombies? The only gripes I have are that the joystick placement sometimes keeps you from seeing important info (like an incoming zombie) and the whole buy-your-way-into-a-level is a bit weird.

Overall, the graphics and game play are pretty good.

Zombie HQ

If you’re quick, you my even notice some background nods to the game makers’ favorite stuff (like the Judge Dredd billboard in one of the level introduction scenes).

If you replay a given level it will become more difficult. I played one level a third time to see if I could get at more of the items, but the game threw so many zombies at me that it became constant shooting and bat swinging.

If you like a good zombie shooter, this one doesn’t disappoint. There is enough action to be had to keep playing for hours, and if you chose to invest in your roof top home, you can really customize your pad.

Now get out there and knock ’em dead(er).


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Developer: Fuse Powered, Inc.
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