Hacker creates unofficial solution for wireless iPhone battery charging

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A London hacker who goes by the nickname “Tanveer” has created an solution for wireless charging for his Apple iPhone 4S. A doctor during the day and hacker during his spare time, he used his electrical engineering skills in order to make the process work smoothly.

The process of making your iPhone charge wirelessly won’t be a simple task for the everyday smartphone user. The hacker disassembled a wireless charging case (Powermat) and installed its components into the iPhone 4S chassis. Tanveer explains that users will need a basic understanding of the Apple iPhone’s internals components, Powermat wireless charger, a spare iPhone back panel, a spare charger port assembly, and extra thin wire gauge.

Of course, iPhone owners should proceed with caution if you’re willing to attempt this fun side-project to your Apple iPhone; not only do you risk permanently damaging your device, but you can also expect the one-year warranty to be immediately invalidated.

The wireless charging Touchstone mechanism was first introduced to the smartphone market by the ill-fated Palm, Inc. and their Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Some rumors suggest Apple is interested in bringing this technology into the iPhone, but until that happens, jailbreaking is your only options.

Via [PhoneArena]

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