Spy vs. Spy game updated for iOS

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The good news: Spy vs. Spy—based on the classic MAD Magazine series—is coming to iOS and features Retro and Modern gameplay, 16 new embassies (in addition to the original 8), and local and online gameplay. The bad news: they still don’t explain why the White Spy wins all the time, I mean, really!

The game (available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) features two birdlike spies who, in addition to making off with state secrets, really, really, really enjoying doing violence upon one another. It includes the original levels from the 1984 version, where characters move around looking for briefcases to make off with while planting bombs and traps for the enemy spy to stumble upon. And if that fails, you can just whomp ’em with a club. It’s Iran-Contra all over again!

No word yet on pricing or availability, but you can view the first trailer on the Robots and Pencils website, or just, you know, click play below.

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