68+ reproducible bugs on the iPhone

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iPhoneWhat’s the first thing you did with your iPhone when you first got it? Showed it to your friends? Called your mother? Spent more than 40 hours looking for bugs? I am sure that not many of you did the last one, but that is exactly what Robert Kemp over at AppleHound did.

The first thing that Robert says when starting off his list is that the UI is extremely solid, and finding 68 bugs was quite difficult. Each bug has been tested on 2 iPhones and should be reproducible on any iPhone in use today. The severity of these bugs range from minor UI/interface bugs to full on application crashes. If you take a look in the comments you will also find even more than 68 bugs, though I’m not certain if each of the user-submitted bugs are reproducible.

The great thing about this post is that this guy could have come out and acted like a jerk. He could have went on about how 68 bugs in a “revolutionary device” is just unacceptable, but he didn’t. His post says that all bugs in his list have been submitted to Apple, so it is very likely that these will be resolved in future software updates.

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