Alien Breed coming to iOS

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Is anyone else beginning to wonder what will happen when we run out of classic games to bring to iOS? I mean, it has to happen eventually, right? One day we’re going to wake up, and boom, the big news on Daring Fireball is that “E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial Atari 2600 50th Anniversary” with updated graphics is now available for your iPad mini, and we’re just all going to have to deal with that fact.

Where was I going with…oh, yeah. Alien Breed, the classic top-down shooter, is coming to iOS.

Featuring retro-styled Amiga graphics or a new, updated look, the universal app will feature content from both Alien Breed and Alien Breed Special Edition as well as a new set: Alien Breed Convergence. The game is a top-down, two-player shooter in which players must travel deeper and deeper into an alien-infested lab, collecting better weapons and fighting their way through monsters while trying to collect magic bananas to save the Princess…no, I’m kidding; it’s like the movie Aliens.

Team 17, who are porting the game, expect it to be ready in August 2012.

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