Apple launches Food and Drink category in the App Store

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Apple has pushed a new category into the iTunes App Store. Food and Drink will cater to those users who like to eat or cook, mix and drink, dine in or dine out. The new category is dedicated to creation and consumption apps, however, so any apps related to shopping or ordering won’t be found.

Apple has been informing developers with relevant Food & Drink apps to prepare for the new category. According to the company, this new section will “… help iOS users in areas of cooking/baking, mix drinks, managing food recipes, finding new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink”.

The applications found within “The Top Chart” section in the iTunes App Store currently consists of Food Network in the Kitchen, Dinner Spinner, FastPaleo, Dinners, and Drive-ins and Dives Locator, among other related apps.

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