GoSmart announces GoSmart Stylus 200- and 300-series

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GoSmart Inc. announced today that their new iPad pointing devices—the 200- and 300-series—are available for preorder. Scheduled to ship on August 8, each model offers up a uniquely styled stylus as well as an innovative touchschreen control that overcomes two of the biggest challenges facing iPad stylus users today.

200-Series: For the Boardroom

The GoSmart 200 stylus features a fairly traditional pen form factor with a cap covering the stylus nib:

300-Series: To the Moon

The GoSmart 300 is where things really get interesting, as the stylus is designed to look like ’50s era rocket ship complete with fins and an aerodynamic end that looks ready to take flight at any moment. In addition, the fins turn the cap into a stylus stand, so you can keep your pen handy:

Quiet AND See-thru

Despite the difference in their outward appearances, each series has the same unique and innovative features.  To make it easier to see what you are doing, the nib of the GoSmart stylus is a metallic crosshair.  Unlike a plastic-nibbed stylus, this lets you see exactly what is under the point of the stylus, so you get incredible precision for tasks such as photo editing, painting, or gaming. In addition, since it is such a thin piece of metal, the nib end of the stylus does not make a tapping/clacking noise when you press it on the screen. Notetakers will no longer need to gingerly tap their screens in the hopes of not irritating those around them.  The wire is spring-loaded and designed to give a bit, so it also makes for a smoother writing experience by absorbing some of the shock of tapping on the iPad’s screen.

Other neat features of the GoSmart stylus collection include a pair of magnets designed to hold the stylus onto the iPad’s bezel (presumably waking/sleeping the device just as the Smart Cover does), as well as a smooth finish that glides easily and will not scratch your iPad’s screen.

Priced at $24.99, both the 200- and 300-series are available for preorder from today and will ship starting on August 8.  Be sure to check out GoSmart’s website for all the details.

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